I'm gonna need more hangers.
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Dr. Martens “Darcie” Boots, Opening Ceremony [$200]

Sigh, I love you, but I’m not ready for such a high stakes commitment. Or am I? I’m just a bit poor now, since my Lady Dragon binge, but I’ll be back for you ok? Or maybe we’ll meet someplace just a teensy bit cheaper?

I’m hunting for boots of course. Ever since I put my Nine West’s back on that and longingly staring at other boot footed bloggers, I’m sort of questioning why I don’t own more boots myself. That’s going to change. Muwahhaha. Right now patent docs, like these, totally light my fire, as well bondagey ones with loads of buckles. Of course, every girl and their mother want pretty woman thigh highs.

Topshop “Britany” boots [$250]

I opt for not shiny because they’re hookerish as it is. The blue is quite fetching no? I’m only hesitating because I don’t know what thigh highs would do to my legs. Being short makes you paranoid. Plus, I’ve tried on Topshop shoes and they’re annoyingly stiff/painful, which is probably what the return process is like.

Chloe Sevigney for Opening Ceremony, FW09 [$625]

Ok so these are gorgeous (I prefer the non-suede ones) and all, but they’re stupid expensive. $625? Really? Who do you think you are Chloe Sev? That’s more than the Phi shoes of my haunted past. That’s borderline Louboutin territory. You ain’t that good lady. Besides, why pay that much, when I could easily get….

Jeffrey Campbell “Potion” Gladiator Platforms, Intermix [$180]

9 buckles, check. Wedge heel, check. 28.8% of the ridiculous price tag, check check check. Granted, there’s aren’t the fancy buckles but are they really worth the extra $445? Yeah you sit on that.

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