I'm gonna need more hangers.

shirt [f21] - skirt [INC] – belt [thrifted] – necklaces [misc] – shoes [ferragamo] – glasses [UO]

I haven’t piled on this many necklaces in awhile. I’m fond of layering but that’s a poor choice in Houston humidity, so dingly-dangly things are perfect. Forgot how much I love all this tacky looking crap. I wanted to look like a kooky little Asian lady out shopping and I hope that’s what I got.

I met up with Jen-Jen and god I’m so happy to see her. Love that girl. LOVE her. Saw the new rooms, forgot my camera cause I’m a dope. But they look very much like padded cell rooms with the pads ripped out. And they’ll stay like that. I kind of love the raw concrete/unfinished look of it all but I also sort of hate it because I love cushy stuff too. The exterior of the building, the ground floor looks absolutely KILLER. The wood paneling…I’m crazy for that shit son. Can’t wait to make this my home for a year.

I’ve been so busy running errands, it feels like my summer’s finally started to run away from me and I can’t catch up. Like letting a beautiful boy slip through your fingers. Nostalgic much? Maybe. I’ve got a lot on my mind recently and I haven’t been able to share it. It’s like…do I burden you with my worries or do I keep it in until it’s solved? My journal stands mainly untouched at night and my thoughts just fester. It’s getting all jumbled anyway. When you’re anxious for something to work out, all the past feelings bearing any similarity culminate together against you. But you know, it’ll never reach the pinnacle of my teenage angst. I feel like there was an eloquence to that time that can never be replicated. I was more driven then to record it. What happened to that?

Anways, I’m trying to make it up to you guys. Massive postings due today. MASSIVE.

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