I'm gonna need more hangers.
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dress [anthropologie] // shoes [jeffrey campbell] // jewelry [thrifted]

If I haven’t already told you about that incident, it goes like this. I was going to Baylor for an experiment, wearing this dress, when a very VERY sketchtastic older man, age est. 40ish, who was next to me on the crosswalk, approached me. He said he was Spanish and a hotel manager of sorts and on his way to a meeting, all of which I did not give two shits about but he insisted on talking to me and asking me about my life. I was baffled because I feel like I look very young and this whole situation was entirely inappropriate but I guess he was totally fine with making women feel incredibly uncomfortable. Did I mention he has balding and gross? Then he told me he liked my dress and CARESSED MY SHOULDER AND I WANTED TO FUCKING PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE. OMG. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I thought he would get the hint at how much I did NOT want to be around him by how fast I was walking, but the man could not take a hint, the persistent fuck. He then asked if I wanted to meet up later. Um. No. I’ve never felt so grossed out by a stranger before, not recently to my memory anyway.

ANYWAY, that’s what happened and I am never wearing nice things to venture into the medical center again. Or at least have been turned off for awhile. Ugh.

Note gentlemen, don’t EVER make a girl feel this way. It is irreversible.

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