I'm gonna need more hangers.
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poncho [erynbrinie] :: dress [lucca] :: sweater [silence&noise] :: leggings, chain bracelet [f21] :: boots [9west] :: scarf [frenchconnection] :: watch [nixon] :: bracelets [misc]

to be honest, i had an incredibly awful day. i’m actually really glad i snapped these pictures before the crappiness rained in.

i woke up at 7:30 today for some reason, so i took my time getting ready. i haven’t felt this styled in a long time and it was a little strange, but it felt right.

this eryn brinie poncho is my latest Gilt buy and it’s lighter fabric-wise than i had expected, but i love it all the same. i can see it being an easy summer piece. i’ve been shrouding myself in basically 4 colors: white, grey, black, and pink. if my world was only in 3 colors, it would probably be void of black though.

i think Kelsey’s eyeliner completes this outfit. it transforms it from just being a bunch of neutral layers to an Inuit princess/urban Mononoke warrior type of look. the tribal look is definitely growing on me. my interpretation of it anyway.

oh and the watch was a v-day present from Kimo-kun. its perfect, plastic, white and i wear it all the time now. no he’s not japanese; i just like calling him that cuz the syllables work out.

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