I'm gonna need more hangers.
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tush #1 2010, elle poland jan 2010 [fashionising]

aren’t those wolford tights fantastic?

i’m not sure why, but lately i’ve been particularly drawn to vintage lingerie, the rose pinks, the swedish polka dots, the high waisted hot pants/panties. something is just so sweetly sexy about that makes me want more. i recently bought a few high waisted panties at the Victoria’s Secret outlet that i’ll have to show you, and more.

it sort of ties into my mood as well i suppose. my post break-up sartorial choices are always the same: showing lots of leg. it’s not at all randy or remotely sex driven, on my part. it’s simply a matter of flaunting what he can’t have anymore and probably never will. it’s part passive aggressive revenge, part cheeky self expression.

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