I'm gonna need more hangers.
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yohji yamamoto [spring 2009,2008]

so after all that talk of wanting to look more put together and what not, i wear this instead. i’m so consistently inconsistent. i blame my new asos dress; it’s impossible to want to take it off. there’s a thigh high slit on the side not pictured and an exposed back that makes it less marmy. for the record, i have been taking outfit photos; they’re just on miel’s camera.

i think had these yohji collections in the back of my head when i put this outfit together. white, black, loose classic Japanese silhouette. in retrospect, my shirt doesn’t fit his definition of tailoring; it’s just sporadic, messy drapery that i think looks cool but is rather thoughtless. this is a shirt that can be worn “7” ways; i’ve been trying to find more. its a treasure from japan. also, i have a hard time being minimal with accessories. as in, i can’t omit them.

i like red lipstick. i like lipstick a lot actually. i like it to look like its bleeding though, like a stain.

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