I'm gonna need more hangers.

shirt [ehka sopo] :: skirt [f21] :: belt [thrifted] :: shoes, pearls [gifted] :: neckpiece [DIY]

i made this necklace awhile ago; i can’t be fucked to go find the link to my DIY page. (ed: here, you lazy bitch) the clasp is broken in the back so i just used a safety pin. the shoes…i wouldn’t normally buy this kind of sandal, probably because it’s a kitten heel. it’s a gift from a friend i met in Japan, who lives in Nanjing, China. whenever i wear them, i feel like i’m with her, just borrowing her shoes and i’d just give them back tomorrow. i miss her.

it wasn’t until after i put this on that i realized it reminded me of THAT Marc Jacobs SS 2009 show. i’m missing the obi. meh, it’s not like i was trying to recreate the look; it just happened to be this way. i tried on my little hat, but it felt too costume-y. looking back, was it really too much? or do i just need to wear a different hat?

images via google, style.com

also, without realizing it, we tried to recreate this scene, where i’m standing on a chair. genius is connected in that way; some themes are meant to thread people, not ideas.

photos: miel

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November 9th, 2010

the sun-shine is great~~
we here are gradually stepping into winter, have to stock shoes and cloths again~~
love u wearing my shoes~~miss u ..
wish u can get the admission of the Vietnam Program, and by then u can easily come to China to visit me~~~

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