I'm gonna need more hangers.
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This is my first post and to say the least, I am super excited about this. I feel like I should have started this blog a long time ago; in fact, I had made an attempt in high school, but gave up shortly thereafter. It’s been over a year and took 2 months of long hours of wait time at the research lab (my first nonjob real job, if that makes sense) and meandering around other fashion blogs to finally convince me to start my own. I don’t necessarily expect troves of people to read this, there are so many other ones that have been out there longer and surpass mine in so many ways, but I feel like I’ve loved clothing and fashion itself far too long not to make my own personal tribute. Although I may never become a designer like I’ve often dreamed to be, I, like many other girls, feel that dressing myself is the medium through which I can fully extend my personality beyond the confines of words and boundaries. Or at least I do my best to. I also don’t expect everyone to agree with my choices or what I say. I only want people to see what I see, and that is all. In the end, it’s me that’s wearing it. And me that’s wearing the smile. Now without further delay, please enjoy my little site! *snips ribbon*

*Will post picture of self later

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