I'm gonna need more hangers.

dress [tfnc london] :: tights [ebay] :: shoes [underground] :: rings [asos] :: bag [fiorucci]

there are three things i can’t stop wearing: this bag, these rings, and these shoes. i literally can’t stop. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. everything i wear is centered around these objects: the bag for its convenience; it’s surprisingly functional for being so stupid cheap; the ring for the weight and flourish-inducing influence; the shoes for their japanese spice-girl appeal.

i think i’ve been simpler these days because i’ve made some poor academic choices and am now suffering those consequences. oh well.

Migo told me he likes this dress on me a lot. it billows and flutters nicely. it’s really nice to have someone who makes you feel precious with but a word of praise. an adoring gaze to accompany is also quite lovely.

oh i got a haircut over spring break. if i tousle it just right, i get this great joan jett mullet effect. i’m so obviously a poser sometimes, with my wannabe punk gear and half-hearted musical tastes. i love that hard-edged stuff, but i’m too girlie for my own good.

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