I'm gonna need more hangers.

jacket [uo] :: cardigan [h&m] :: shirt [jcrew] :: necklace, barrettes [f21] :: socks [hue] :: shoes [calvin klein] :: skirt, stole, bow tie [?]

photos: Miel

proof! i loved this outfit today, i felt so in my element. girlish and the slightest wannabe dandy. though i had a serious case of hag-girl hair earlier.

i submitted this outfit to teenvogue’s snapshot blog. maybe they’ll like it as much as i do.

scarf [ralph lauren] :: sweater [bcbg] :: shirt [elementz] :: skirt [f21] :: shoes [ninewest] :: earring [?]

ew ew ew ew ew. never again. i love head scarves on other girls though. i just look so dumb in this. boho don’t work for me, no no.

it sort of looks like i’ve just been wearing b/w/g but that is so not the case. i wear color way more often than this anachromatic scheme; i just dont have any proof.

AUGH. pics or it didn’t happen, deanne, pics or it didn’t happen. remember that.

shirt {thrifted} :: pants {INC} :: belt {ellen tracy} :: shoes {bcbgirls} :: bags {ferragamo} :: necklaces {gifts, thrifted, New York & Co, UO}

lately, i’ve been feeling empowered. i think it translates into the need to tuck in my shirt. also, i’ve been experimenting more with a slightly more dandy boyish take on my girlish wear. i’m in love with collared shirts and a nice pair of slim pants.

my mother and i love ferragamo! i have a small collection of purses, but they were all gifts from her. we’re big ebay ppl, i highly recommend it, let me know if you need tips. i also have 3 pairs of  vara pumps at home that never see the school grounds. i’m not one who usually saves pieces for special occasions, but these items, they too precious. what is special to you in this way?

i also recently finally defined my style in one of those three word summaries: playfully put together. ah so satisfying to know oneself! can you define your style in 3 words?

photos: miel

top [abercrombie] :: skirt [calvin klein] :: shoes [jeffrey campbell]

dress [rimini] :: shoes [calvin klein] :: bracelets [misc.]

poncho [eryn brinie] :: dress [thrifted] :: shoes [jeffrey campbell]

dress [thrifted skirt] :: belt [zara] :: shoes [manas]

we’re a great duo. our styles are different but they meld well. that austin trip was a much needed adventure. i still have our soundtrack in the car in my head.

hoodie, belt, black necklace [f21] // shirt [elementz] // skirt [thrifted] // shoes [melissa x vivienne westwood] // necklace [clarie’s] // ping pong necklace [DIY]

Yeah that’s right, this girl. I didn’t wear this outfit of course, do you think I’m stupid?

Ah it was EPIC. EPIC. The very best part, besides them playing all the good songs to make me feel 13 again, was the encore. Travis Barker’s platform transformed into a floating fortress and he became the drum diety that he is, tearing up the place with those lightning bolts. Beautiful. I totally jizzed in my pants.

shirt [f21] - skirt [INC] – belt [thrifted] – necklaces [misc] – shoes [ferragamo] – glasses [UO]

I haven’t piled on this many necklaces in awhile. I’m fond of layering but that’s a poor choice in Houston humidity, so dingly-dangly things are perfect. Forgot how much I love all this tacky looking crap. I wanted to look like a kooky little Asian lady out shopping and I hope that’s what I got.

I met up with Jen-Jen and god I’m so happy to see her. Love that girl. LOVE her. Saw the new rooms, forgot my camera cause I’m a dope. But they look very much like padded cell rooms with the pads ripped out. And they’ll stay like that. I kind of love the raw concrete/unfinished look of it all but I also sort of hate it because I love cushy stuff too. The exterior of the building, the ground floor looks absolutely KILLER. The wood paneling…I’m crazy for that shit son. Can’t wait to make this my home for a year.

I’ve been so busy running errands, it feels like my summer’s finally started to run away from me and I can’t catch up. Like letting a beautiful boy slip through your fingers. Nostalgic much? Maybe. I’ve got a lot on my mind recently and I haven’t been able to share it. It’s like…do I burden you with my worries or do I keep it in until it’s solved? My journal stands mainly untouched at night and my thoughts just fester. It’s getting all jumbled anyway. When you’re anxious for something to work out, all the past feelings bearing any similarity culminate together against you. But you know, it’ll never reach the pinnacle of my teenage angst. I feel like there was an eloquence to that time that can never be replicated. I was more driven then to record it. What happened to that?

Anways, I’m trying to make it up to you guys. Massive postings due today. MASSIVE.

dress: H&M || shoes: Nike || bracelets: various places

Yes, this summer is really all about sneakers. K-drama’s hooked, it’s rubbing off on me, I’m acting on a once dormant fascination and it is probably going to be VERY BAD for my checking account. Anyways, I wore these yesterday and I can’t get these puppies off my feet.

Tried piling on bracelets again, only 3 tiers this time. Back in the day, it was at least 5 layers of bracelets. I was aiming for close to the elbows. It works better in the winter, but I forgot how powerful it felt to have gauntlets on.

I was a bit inspired to wear this dress with the sneaks by JCDC:

photos from tfs

Or maybe just Tao Okamoto. Yeah probably XD. Regardless, it was one of the only graphic/print-y dresses I own. Also, trying to find socks I own without holes in the heels is a no-go. Boo -_- What else looks good with trainers besides pants? Invesitigation continues…

I used to sit and just think of ways to turn toys into accessories. Seems I’m behind on the lego craze, but what the hell, I’m just getting back in the game.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s “PLUG” lego sunglasses, Dazed Digital

(Sir) Galahad, Facehunter

Sabrina Goh, Elohim