I'm gonna need more hangers.

My dad goes to a lot of Comp Sci conventions and he often brings back goodies. This was a Microsoft promotional puzzle, but I saw instant necklace potential in the poly methyl methacrylate (mahahha nerd speak). However, you can’t just glue the little beasties together; you have to do some plastic welding. Here’s a vid that explains it all and more.

I ordered some acrylic cement from Rideout Plastics, which had the cheapest shipping ($7.95) I could find for the product and a brush. I can see why it’s so much though, they do take very good care of the chemicals.

Shipping took forever (more like a week) but it was worth it. The stuff gets pretty messy and dries SUPER fast. Like the vid said, it only sticks to plastics, though contact with clothing is annoying (I wore my lab coat, teehee). I goofed a bit from from the messiness, but it’s hardly noticable when worn.

necklace: DIY || dress: H&M || blouse (worn as vest): Ann Taylor || belt: Ellen Tracy || socks: borrowed || shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

For now, I’ve tied a cord around the top hooks cause I couldn’t wait to wear it, it’s so boss. I still need to drill holes for a chain/ribbon, then it will be complete!