I'm gonna need more hangers.

shirt [bdg] :: pants [inc] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: cuffs, worn as anklets [monki] :: hat [f21]

my dad has some really cool friends. we stayed in their house in brussels. this is their backyard. they also have a swimming pool inside the house. wtf.

i don’t think my outfit photographed very interestingly, but it still felt way cool to walk around the airport in silver shackles. i’ve enlisted one of my brother’s to photog my outfits, so the pictures aren’t as perfect as i’d like. also, i feel more sheepish around a new photog. he’s impatient and whiny. sigh, beggars can’t be choosers.

we left for barcelona today (finally caught up on oufits!) and i think you can see how little i packed. hence, the strange simple stuff i’ve been turning out. it just doesn’t make sense to be super fancy when you’re flying. or maybe i just don’t know how else to do it.

dress [saks5thave] :: sweater, worn as scarf [james perse] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: bag [fiorucci] :: cuffs [monki]

i really like belgium. i remember liking it the first time i was here and my feelings are still the same. it’s like france, but without the french ppl. so even better. they speak french AND dutch. *swoons*

i decided torturing myself by trying on expensive things was a good idea, probably in a tribute to belgian designer’s prowess. went to a place called stijl” near the grand palace. it industrial and beautiful. if i ever have a loft, i want it to look like the inside of this store: metal + wood trimmings. with white furniture and ceramics. oh and my mother’s ikebana creations everywhere. but that’s a totally irrelevant dream.

brands tried and true: ann demeulemeester (skirts), haider ackermann (jacket/dress thing), af vandevorst (gown), lutz (especially this brand. deargodwhy), kris van assche (SWEETASSbag)

THEN went to this place called “ogotai,” which had tons of these linen/silk/bamboo cloud nomad dresses. i seriously contemplated dropping 150 e’s for one. but it wasn’t perfect enough. research is really hard, but it was so worth it. i’m renewed with the feeling of creating and i couldn’t sleep. i thought up a line i want to do, or maybe even my label.

belgian waffles RULE. i’m eating one. it’s topped with strawberries and white chocolate icing. ugh, i should look happier!