I'm gonna need more hangers.
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vest/dress [DIY neiman marcus] :: belt [express]

it took me 4 hours to undo the seams on the sleeves and restitch the armholes by hand. does anyone else think that’s incredibly slow? i’m annoyed at how rusty i am at this and my work near the shoulder pads isn’t perfect either.

i do like how oversized it is though and the buttons look great off-kilter. i added an extra hole in the back so i could belt it halfway. always wanted something like this, almost margiela and ann sofie back. funny ’cause i was altering this so i could resell it since the shell is a roughish wool, but i just might have to hold onto it for a little longer. its a pretty excellent summer dress.

speaking of reselling, i just listed a bunch of things on ebay if you’re interested. pardon some of my cheeky commentary and deadpan expressions. stay tuned for denim additions.

if you’d like the see the tutorial, i added it here.

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shirt [j+] :: pants [h&m divided] :: belt [uo] :: shoes [ninewest] :: earring [ebay]

photos [jenjen]

i really haven’t had my priorities straight. jen jen reminded me of that this morning when i was trying to find the perfect all pink outfit, which didnt work anyways. lately i’ve procrastinated by blogging, and that’s great an all, yay establishing self, but i need to be trying harder to find a job. yeah i have some direction, maybe, but i need to be more serious. i was incredibly annoyed with myself most of the day and disgusted with being in my own body. it was a pretty shitty feeling.

this earring don’t belong to me; they got sent to me by accident. the ones i ordered are coming, but i’m actually quite fond of these now and will be sad to send them off. it’s the moons. also, playing around with photoshop for a filter effect i like. haven’t found it yet. i change my mind too much.

jen, in her unfiltered glory. XD