I'm gonna need more hangers.

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i was thinking about the next season and i realized that i dont really want to reinvent myself or do anything revolutionary; i just want to continue wearing more or less what i was wearing last season and seasons past, with a few injected adjustments.

winter is coming and this girl is wearing the leopard coat of my dreams and boots from heaven-knows-where. someone please. please.

if you haven’t noticed-and i haven’t been explicit- but i’ve been trying to exclusively post only pictures i take/are taken of me on this blog (for the record, irony of this post’s photo was noted). i know it’s kind of a pain for you as a reader, but it seems to make more sense for me to show my process through my tumblr/pinterest (peruse them as you like) and focus this blog on results and documentation for now. maybe when i’m a bit more organized, i can go back to being more integrated; i always found that more interesting anyway.

aaaaand now that i’ve said that, i can go back on my word.

sweater, skirt [elves] || dress (worn as shirt) [river island]

i’m obsessed with animal prints now like they’re the new jil sander floral. i want something in every one imaginable…giraffe, dalmation…cruella knows what i’m talkin about. in other print news, really liked a skull print longsleeve and a wonderland print sweater, but i really needed to save for my upcoming travels so they’re in limbo for now. the thing about shopping in korea is that it’s pretty much all fast fashion: high turnover, crap quality. i can’t avoid it so i’m making the most of it by indulging in some things i can’t in the states. at least the designs are acceptable.

this skirt. shit son, the zip-ability is killin me. i can also wear it as a dress and it would be such excellent date attire. pity that won’t be happening anytime soon.

wonderland [feb/mar2011]

got a lot of belated inspiration posts coming up. it’s time.

i broke my sunglasses in barcelona, in a hug-induced scuffle with friends. they were heart-shaped, pale transparent pink, cheapass UO ones and i was quite fond of them, probably because they stuck around. anyway, i was waiting for them to break so i could replace them. that is not in any way a reflection of how i view people. maybe boys. buwhaha.

i thought about maybe getting large circular metallic frames, a la the 70s trend, but decided not to. still thinking about it obviously, but i’m still convinced heart shaped ones are the shape for me.

like the t-length + boots thing. demure grunge is great.

jacket [gap] :: shirt [bdg] :: jeans [levis] :: boots [uo] :: bag [poverty flats] :: hat [f21, asos] :: ear cuffs [ebay]


cape [sena parma] :: blouse [tahari] :: pants [trick girl] :: boots [underground] :: jewelry [from Miel, uo, misc]

i wanted to do several things with this outfit: wear a new Indian necklace from Miel, these boots with these pants, and this cape/cardigan/shrug thing i dont wear very often. i’m not sure why. i think it’s cuz it’s a summer piece. it and the pants (which has sick pockets) are from japan.

something wasn’t right though and its my hair. it’s not neat enough. too many flyaways. since i’m wearing flats, i need more pulled together bits.

sweater [silence&noise] :: pants [inc] :: boots [secondhand] :: hat [f21] :: glasses [uo]

i wanted to feel like this looks:

via [la garconne]

but it just didn’t work out that way. i couldn’t figure out why. i was just looking for a way to wear my cowboy boots inconspicuously. i’m not a minimalist, so this was new territory for me.

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shoes [emma cook x topshop] :: patrick star [ep. 52]

photos [Miel/me]

thank you jackie and killerspin! they were a wonderful birthday gift.

god i had such a crazy shoe boner yesterday just looking at them. riggalus said they look like i’m curb stomping zebras. fuck yeah.

scarf [ralph lauren] :: sweater [bcbg] :: shirt [elementz] :: skirt [f21] :: shoes [ninewest] :: earring [?]

ew ew ew ew ew. never again. i love head scarves on other girls though. i just look so dumb in this. boho don’t work for me, no no.

it sort of looks like i’ve just been wearing b/w/g but that is so not the case. i wear color way more often than this anachromatic scheme; i just dont have any proof.

AUGH. pics or it didn’t happen, deanne, pics or it didn’t happen. remember that.

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jacket [casualheir] :: shirt [graniph] :: skirt [ehyphenworld] :: tights [urban outfitters] :: boots [doc martens, ninewest] :: hat [f21] :: scarf [french connection]

successful 3 patterns at once attempt. haven’t done this in awhile. yes!

yeah, i know Migo’s boots are cooler than mine. i bought another pair at baker’s to fill the clunkier boot vibe gap in my spawning army of Orc colored shoes, but it’s just not the same. i think i need the real McCoy. what does that mean anyway?

oh yeah here’s my new bowler. i’ll be wearing it a lot. prepare yourself.

top [abercrombie] :: skirt [calvin klein] :: shoes [jeffrey campbell]

dress [rimini] :: shoes [calvin klein] :: bracelets [misc.]

poncho [eryn brinie] :: dress [thrifted] :: shoes [jeffrey campbell]

dress [thrifted skirt] :: belt [zara] :: shoes [manas]

we’re a great duo. our styles are different but they meld well. that austin trip was a much needed adventure. i still have our soundtrack in the car in my head.