I'm gonna need more hangers.

scarf [bought in seoul]

oh shoot a month went by :X my bad. I’M STILL HERE. the scarf is one of three things i got on my perfect weekend in seoul. my first two visits kind of sucked, third times the ____ right? it’s actually a lot bigger than it looks. more to come sooooon. also, don’t you love how my cardigan+bow tie match my shoes? yeah i kinda threw up a little too.

jacket [uo] :: cardigan [h&m] :: shirt [jcrew] :: necklace, barrettes [f21] :: socks [hue] :: shoes [calvin klein] :: skirt, stole, bow tie [?]

photos: Miel

proof! i loved this outfit today, i felt so in my element. girlish and the slightest wannabe dandy. though i had a serious case of hag-girl hair earlier.

i submitted this outfit to teenvogue’s snapshot blog. maybe they’ll like it as much as i do.

coat [eryn brinie] :: shirt [dkny] :: cardigan [gap] :: skirt [calvin klein] :: leggings [sparkle&fade] :: shoes [bcbgirls] :: hat [f21]

i’m a really inconsistent blogger. its like i poop out stuff after i accumulate it and i’m no longer interested. also the format is always shifting. sometimes i link stuff, sometimes i can’t be fucked. it’s probably super improper, so if i offend anyone, please let me know.

i felt so polished that day. in an edwardian sort of way.

Olivia Wilde [GQ] :: Grey [Fall 2010] :: Vogue Russia [Dec 2010]

geeky sexpot secretary. hmmm need more non-platitude pop cultureĀ  references. its a hard look to describe. but its definitely part classic, part costume.

also, when i don’t have any clever title ideas, i use other people’s words.