I'm gonna need more hangers.

jacket [theory] :: dress [ltr brands] :: shoes [underground] :: bag [fiorucci] :: jewelry [misc.]

photos [riggallus]

i’ve worn this dress on three occasions already, all very similarly. the jacket for two of them. sometimes it takes repeated subsequent attempts in order to marginally get somewhere. or just find good attempts.

i’m back to being a girl for the day. this outfit is reactionary to yesterday’s “japanese bubble punk” (Riggallus’s words). the punk bleeds into the bracelets not really shown. i wanted to clarify that i didn’t see yesterday as a failure in terms of execution per se; i’m just humbled by my miscalculated references. if i’m going to teach about picking up on schemas and the like, i should hold myself to the same standards. no, even higher. but what if what i think is a scaffold is actually a noose?

it’s hard to be kind to yourself.