I'm gonna need more hangers.

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how great is that white onesie?  it makes black look better. i love how clean and creamy white on white on white is so much. i don’t think you know, i don’t think you understand.

so i’ve been thinking…should i get a pinterest…thing? i dunno if its big enough to be a proper noun, or if it’s just a blog or some new entity. anyway, i’m thinking i need a place to better visualize and access my inspiration pics. they just sit unsorted on my computer or get lost on this blog to be honest.

shirt [miliore] :: shorts [w dress room] :: shoes [ferragamo] :: sunglasses [ebay] :: belt [express]

sigh. its been a long time. i’m an asshole. but i really can’t be bothered at the mo, i’m in a new country, i have my own place, i have a new life and all these new things have filled a void that fashion occupied for so long. i’ve been scanning my google reader occasionally and finding new inspiration when i’m out and about, so it’s not like i’ve forgotten how to blog; i’ve just neglected it a bit. anyway, things have been really wonderful, i can’t explain how happy i am currently. surely you understand?

i’ve been shopping in korea like i shopped in europe, selectively and skeptically. these shorts in seoul though, were one of those, “omg i’d change for you” types of dreadful infatuations from the boys section. my guyfriend Sparrow can wear them too, sisterhood-of-the-travelling-pants style. it’s kind of disgustingly awesome. we’re trading off this weekend.

shirt [secondhand] :: skirt [zara] :: jacket [uo] :: hat [f21] :: bag [fiorucci] :: bracelets [monki]

my first and only purchase so far and i love them SO GOD DAMN MUCH. trying not to overwear them but its so hard; they are exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to stumble upon. and they were only 8 E’s a piece. <3 <3 like a fool.

also, dutch and everything amsterdam are my new favorites. i’m basically doing a lot of design research and just submerging my eyes in as many sources of inspiration as i can. wandered into little stores all over the place, same favorites were “darling” (which is a cupcake AND boutique, dammit all my good ideas are gone), “noodle” and “cowboys2catwalk,” which also has a website. also, fuckin varsity jackets swarm this city. it got to the point where i was mildly annoyed. it’s like a boy you reject, but he keeps popping up in your life like he means something, but you know he’s just life clutter.

new brands to love: oneteaspoon (pretty dresses),  muumau (sick wicked leather jackets), just femme (white things)

as for my curiosity with monki, it ended with mixed reviews. the quality was decent as fast fashion goes, but i’m beginning to think they’re getting by on an enviable concept and a stylist team. i considered getting a dress, but the material was too shiny. also, this skirt. it had a skirt underneath and of course, a high slit. i probably should have, it’s about $37, but i kept thinking i could make it and the color was more teal and troublesome for some reason. i’m getting really picky, which is good, but these non-buyer’s regrets are pesky.

jacket, socks [uo] :: shirt [gap] :: pants [inc] :: hat [f21] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch]

this is the alley where our condo was in Nice. it was the kind where you hang your laundry to dry and you open the shutters while speaking french at 6 am. time is off when i travel and i find it easier to wake up before people rise. i hate it admit it, but everything’s gotten better since school’s ended. the underbellies of my eyes agree. too bad we left Nice that day.

i’m being unceremoniously displaced from one city to the next and it’s quite interesting. nothing becomes routinized, everything stays new, i stay in a constant state of wonderment. it’s very satisfying to wander and satisfy that lust, but it’s also tiring on my brain. i don’t have nearly enough time to process everything or even sit to sketch a little. i’m combining my thoughts that would go into a journal with my style posts. i think it makes sense that way. i’m building up for a full on text post about my blog’s direction and where i’d like it to go.

style notes! yes i am wearing socks with sandals. ah BUT! they are heels, so that fixes the problem i have with the usual visual atrocities committed. this outfit is definitely plane proof and transitioned ridiculously well into the amsterdam crowd. maybe too well.

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cardigan [h&m] :: shirt [bdg] :: skirt [zara] :: bag [piorucci]

disregard the area south of my ankles and my lackluster casualness and enjoy the background!

also, my hair is in love with this climate. it was super bouncy and delighted like i haven’t felt in awhile, instead of wilty and sad. its amazing how what you put on can never beat what you already possess. it made me put a premium on investing in quality skin and haircare.

that day marked the beginning of my hit-and-run method to expensive boutique window shopping. visited a store called “wip” for “work in progress.”

brands touched: acne, rick owens, christopher kane, erdem (which is what caught my eye), tons of maison martin margiela

tried on: MMM SS2011 open wedges in the brown wedge version. for those who would like to pretend like they’re gonna run out and buy a pair, they run a bit small (i tried on a 38) and its feels a bit like stepping into a cardboard box.

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isabel marant [cherryblossomgirl] :: h&m divided [vanillascented] :: trash&vaudeville [luxirare]

i have my own that i’m pretty please with; i just want to wear them with a bright pink shirt though. maybe i’ll have to make one. it’s approaching that hour when i’m itching to design/make something again. its bad. very bad.

trench [alexanderwang x gap] :: shirt [21men] :: pants [minchan]

shoes [lea foscati] :: bag [fiorucci] :: necklaces [express, newyork&co]

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these are cheap ass chinatown velvet sweatpants, leftover from so many LNY shows; i’m giving them some life. they fall in that perfectly unflattering tapered shape.

gibson girl noticed this has become my uniform. masquerading as a quasi-minimalist has been too fun. i’ve probably been reading too many blogs again. i just haven’t felt the pull of colors like i usually do. when were we not on speaking terms? i can’t remember anymore.

“minchan make you the leader in modern dresses”

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when i was in japan, i saw a fringe dress that i fell in love with but decided not to buy because i’m a jackass i felt like i had spent enough. this dress haunts my dreams. so now i’m making it.

it has to be several things: one fringe layer, casual like a t-shirt, twirl-worthy, white. this combats the usual boho/20s/cowboy references i’m not so keen on. a modern design.

i notice that my designs tend to be simple while my style is ornate. well not as of late, but in general.

sweater, earrings [secondhand] :: shirt [bdg] :: pants [cooperative] :: shoes [lea foscati]

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i also changed outfits 3 times on friday: one for class, one for shopping, one for night time show going. i’m not sure why; sometimes i just have that urge.