I'm gonna need more hangers.

photos from style.com

I’m crazy for the princess coats, son. How does he always manage to find that perfect shade of baby pink? That’s the color I want my future 1958 Convertible Corvette to be. Overall, this resort collection is very muted and more pretty than daringly Deacon. But I’m cool with that. Pretty is the new ugly anyways.

Speaking of ugly, Pixie Geldorf’s face really annoys me here for some reason. It looks super squaty with that wig, which is unfortunate because I don’t mind her normally.

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I’m really digging Kanye West’s collab with LV.

photos from Racked: NYC

Those tassles, the thick velcro straps, the highlighting punches, damn they’re a handsome bunch. Maybe it’ll only appeal to a pretty faced sneaker collector (I’ve heard some trash talk from the Nike crowd who prefer something more legit and say these are all looks and no game), but that’s just my type of thing. They say they’ll be out “late 2009.” Well done Mr. West!

Anna Sui for Target, Sept 13-Oct 17 [NYmag]

Ok so the last one looks goofy in the waist (read: preggers), but you know you wanna try it on for the spikey collar. Or at least I am. Again (here I go using the whole “I usually don’t like blah blah but” line), not a big print person, but it’s Anna SUI so I can’t really resist. NYC regret is filling me again, tried on this GREAT black balloon-esque jacket that sort of fit like a garbage bag EXCEPT with frilly details on the trapeze sleeves and it was fabulous all over. Yeah, I should’ve dropped the $157 on that one right? Right.

Anyways, back to this collection. It’s a bit off on some…like the super 70’s inspired bit and whatnot…but it’s Anna’s style (the print, the hippie, the…60s/70s woodstock vibe) so it’s true to that, if not to Gossip Girl. Blairs dresses were nice and prim though, spot on! Serena…not so much, could you really see her in this?

Yeah…no. It’s got “FOB” written all over it in Mao colors. But it is cute though. Yes, it goes in the try on pile at least.

But GUYS: the white dress the white dress the white dress. It’s all about that white dress and if the thing fits, you bet I’ll be dishing out full price/fighting some hipster girl for the xsmall/small.

Lauren Kovin SS09

I’m adoring the tendril-like play she has going on here. I just love it. I love the last one especially, because it’s white of course, though it does remind me of Independence Day a bit (morbid I know). It’ll be a fantastic addition to the Aquarius wear part of my wardrobe. I just might have to fashion a pair of sheer leggings while i’m at it, ones that fit like pants.

Fashion156 described Ms. Kovin’s collection the best though.