I'm gonna need more hangers.

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i was thinking about the next season and i realized that i dont really want to reinvent myself or do anything revolutionary; i just want to continue wearing more or less what i was wearing last season and seasons past, with a few injected adjustments.

winter is coming and this girl is wearing the leopard coat of my dreams and boots from heaven-knows-where. someone please. please.

if you haven’t noticed-and i haven’t been explicit- but i’ve been trying to exclusively post only pictures i take/are taken of me on this blog (for the record, irony of this post’s photo was noted). i know it’s kind of a pain for you as a reader, but it seems to make more sense for me to show my process through my tumblr/pinterest (peruse them as you like) and focus this blog on results and documentation for now. maybe when i’m a bit more organized, i can go back to being more integrated; i always found that more interesting anyway.

aaaaand now that i’ve said that, i can go back on my word.


club kid [substitute]


stinger platform creeper [jeffrey campbell]

holy temptation batman!

also, i really like making these gifs. makes things look alive and whatnot.

tank [zara] :: shorts [tommy hilfiger] :: socks [asos] :: bag [pandorama] :: shoes [underground uk]

dress [dkny] :: shoes [jil sander] :: bag [reiss]

i won’t lie, it’s hard to be fashion-y in this heat. it was 106 the other day in houston. wah. and yes it was too hot for the socks but i’m a really practical person. bahhaha.

i’ve been dressing punk-easy and working on a lot of DIYs to fill up time while i await job possibilities. you would think the first outfit is nondescript, but going grocery shopping, not so incognito. oh the burbs.

wore the second look to go out with some friends downtown. i won’t lie, i really enjoy feeling sexy when i step out, possibly because i dont really think my body is made for such a word, so i like to approach the term more these days in a classy and adult, and sometimes conceptual fashion. still trying to work out what that means in relation to my current wardrobe, but generally, it comes with a sense of subtlety. i know the high slit probably doesn’t scream subtle, but  its trickier to pull off  or notice at a first glance than a typical bodycon piece. and on the form of a shapeless tank dress, therein lies the subtlety and i like when my clothes make other people do a double-take. it makes sense in my head. on another note, being stuck at home, my new and nice things–shoes, bag–are desperate for wear air and i am so so desperate for girl talk.

miliyah kato [mini magazine]

just got back from london, was only there 2 days. i know i’m spoiled and no one really cares about lonely soul (we strive towards a higher goal! anyone get that? anyone?), but traveling is really exhausting. this photo embodies so many things about me right now, even the charmless poprecito glum. i bought a shirt similar to that one online; it’ll be there when i get home. i’m starting to miss things and am feeling so stifled in my clothing and vacant without an outlet to let loose. getting really friendsick. also, london made me miss my creepers so much.

but i finally bought some things!

jacket [ann taylor loft] :: polo [graniph] :: pants [trick girl] :: belt [uo] :: tie [f21] :: earring [unknown] :: shoes [underground]

photos [riggallus]

so my attempts to be british punk => japanese interpretation actually turned out to look uncannily like balenciaga fw2007, which is more high fashion than i had intended. go figure. well so much for that.

also, i couldn’t decide what to do in terms of make-up (eyes or lips) so i did eyebrows. hahaaa, never done that before. it helps the boy poses.have you noticed that it’s so much easier to pose like a boy? you just kind of pretend like your upper body is a triangle, your dick is skilled and you don’t talk very much.

dress [tfnc london] :: tights [ebay] :: shoes [underground] :: rings [asos] :: bag [fiorucci]

there are three things i can’t stop wearing: this bag, these rings, and these shoes. i literally can’t stop. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. everything i wear is centered around these objects: the bag for its convenience; it’s surprisingly functional for being so stupid cheap; the ring for the weight and flourish-inducing influence; the shoes for their japanese spice-girl appeal.

i think i’ve been simpler these days because i’ve made some poor academic choices and am now suffering those consequences. oh well.

Migo told me he likes this dress on me a lot. it billows and flutters nicely. it’s really nice to have someone who makes you feel precious with but a word of praise. an adoring gaze to accompany is also quite lovely.

oh i got a haircut over spring break. if i tousle it just right, i get this great joan jett mullet effect. i’m so obviously a poser sometimes, with my wannabe punk gear and half-hearted musical tastes. i love that hard-edged stuff, but i’m too girlie for my own good.