I'm gonna need more hangers.
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jacket [newyork&co]

this is a perfectly cozy moto jacket sweater but it was never exciting enough for me. it lacks the bells and whistles of the real thing: the belt, the buckles, the hard-edged zippers, LEATHER, so i’ve been wanting to turn it into something more sculptural. here’s how i did it and it’s really not terribly hard; it just takes a bit of patience. and love. lots of love.


step 1: undo the seams

first, i undid the seams of the bottom band in the back and one sleeve. feel free to do both sleeves, but i ended up liking the asymmetric look better. 

step 2: mark the back arc

i chose the end of the arc to be in the middle of the jacket, so i folded it hotdog style first and made a mark. then i folded it hamburger style and marked the rest of the arc. if you don’t have tailor’s chalk, or chalk period, a bar of old soap is perfect. in fact, i prefer it because its free. bahahhaha.

step 3: cut

step 4: refitting the back

this step is pretty crucial and may take some trial and error to find the right fits. if you notice, the bottom is too short to reattach because of the length of the arc made, so how to you make it fit?

you shorten the arc! if you notice on the right, i’ve folded up about an inch or more of the fabric in a triangular shape, where the hypotenuse is the side on the table and the short leg is the edge of the arc. it needs to be a triangular fold and not a parallelogram because you don’t want to create weird puckering underneath the armholes of the sleeves (if you choose to keep them) or shorten the armhole (if you omit them).  line up the short leg along the edge of the arc as you’re folding/fitting so that it stays even. i did two going towards the arm holes and another right down the center back.

alternatively, you could just do one down the center, i just chose to do 3 because i like the way it looks. skip to step 7 if you’re only doing one fold.

step 5: sew and trim

only sew the inside and check afterwards to see that everything still lines up. mine actually doesn’t line up perfectly, but it’s ok because it gets sewn over with the bottom piece.

step 6: sew again (opt.)

fold over one flap and sew again onto the jacket back, with a little bit of space between seams so it looks like the photo on the right when the jacket is worn. i did this to keep the new flap in place and it matched the seams on the jacket. you could finish it with a serger before this step, but i chose not to.

step 7: pin bottom to arc

this is where you make sure the refitted back is the same length as the bottom piece. pin it as close to the center as possible and make the final triangular fold down the middle. it helps to fold the jacket in half to center it. you could mark all of this, but i like eyeballing. i don’t really know why. maybe because i’m lazy in odd ways.

step 8: sew down center flaps and sew on bottom piece

this goes with the design and will keep it from breaking . alternatively, you could just use a serger over the new seam and skip this step. here are my results of the outside, after i’ve sewn on the bottom hem. i did the seam for the bottom the same way i did the triangular flaps.

step 9: armholes (opt.)

i made the armhole a bit larger, folded it over about a cm, repinned, and hemmed it with two parallel seams.

finished product

please let me know what if you have any questions or if i need to be more clear about some steps!

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vest/dress [DIY neiman marcus] :: belt [express]

it took me 4 hours to undo the seams on the sleeves and restitch the armholes by hand. does anyone else think that’s incredibly slow? i’m annoyed at how rusty i am at this and my work near the shoulder pads isn’t perfect either.

i do like how oversized it is though and the buttons look great off-kilter. i added an extra hole in the back so i could belt it halfway. always wanted something like this, almost margiela and ann sofie back. funny ’cause i was altering this so i could resell it since the shell is a roughish wool, but i just might have to hold onto it for a little longer. its a pretty excellent summer dress.

speaking of reselling, i just listed a bunch of things on ebay if you’re interested. pardon some of my cheeky commentary and deadpan expressions. stay tuned for denim additions.

if you’d like the see the tutorial, i added it here.

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dress [DIY] :: shoes [ninewest] :: bag [fiorucci] :: bracelet [ebay] :: earrings [secondhand] :: hairband [jcrew]

photos [clnhll]

the dress i made!

it tastes just like i dreamt it would! [spongebob]

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blazer [theory] :: dresses [ltr brands, handmade, diy mark&spencers]

i did buy one more dress today, but it’s for a friend. you know that feeling when you’ve found something perfectly suited to someone else’s body, needs, and tastes?

that my friends, is finding 5th base.

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via [gladragsbysimone, indiecultvintage, nightcapclothing, tfs, dirtyflaws]

when i was in japan, i saw a fringe dress that i fell in love with but decided not to buy because i’m a jackass i felt like i had spent enough. this dress haunts my dreams. so now i’m making it.

it has to be several things: one fringe layer, casual like a t-shirt, twirl-worthy, white. this combats the usual boho/20s/cowboy references i’m not so keen on. a modern design.

i notice that my designs tend to be simple while my style is ornate. well not as of late, but in general.

shirt [ehka sopo] :: skirt [f21] :: belt [thrifted] :: shoes, pearls [gifted] :: neckpiece [DIY]

i made this necklace awhile ago; i can’t be fucked to go find the link to my DIY page. (ed: here, you lazy bitch) the clasp is broken in the back so i just used a safety pin. the shoes…i wouldn’t normally buy this kind of sandal, probably because it’s a kitten heel. it’s a gift from a friend i met in Japan, who lives in Nanjing, China. whenever i wear them, i feel like i’m with her, just borrowing her shoes and i’d just give them back tomorrow. i miss her.

it wasn’t until after i put this on that i realized it reminded me of THAT Marc Jacobs SS 2009 show. i’m missing the obi. meh, it’s not like i was trying to recreate the look; it just happened to be this way. i tried on my little hat, but it felt too costume-y. looking back, was it really too much? or do i just need to wear a different hat?

images via google, style.com

also, without realizing it, we tried to recreate this scene, where i’m standing on a chair. genius is connected in that way; some themes are meant to thread people, not ideas.

photos: miel

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trench [gap] :: tee [bdg] :: jeans [bcbg] :: shoes [thrifted] :: scarf [DIY]

pom pom tutorial

the scarf, if it is one, was inspired by an insert from one of my vogue nippons. this was pretty much my spring break uniform.

i can never do the cracked-out model look. i’ve given up and have just gone for goofy.

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DIY shredded jeans [gap] // shirt, belt [UO] // shoes [nine west] // necklaces [macy’s, jimmy’z, f21]

As a fashion blogger, it’s pretty obvious that I have a lot of people I “look up to” or inspire me to blog in general. One of those people is Shini of Park and Cube. She’s a graphic designer by trade and has very detailed posts, both pictorally and verbally. She inspired me to really consider and pity my readers when they view my blog. Make it look nice. Make it easy to swallow. But still make it mine. Also, she’s got a really great laid back, season-less style about her, reflecting a windblown lifestyle that flows from London back to Poland and where ever the borders of her world extend. It may seem like a glorified depiction, but I’m gushing so let me gush.

Anyways, her DIY posts (and she has many) are so nicely detailed and the photographic moments perfectly settled between airy and razor sharp. I slashed up these jeans last night thanks to her careful instruction.

There is something about destroying that is like creative. It is liberating and satisfying, not unlike birth (though I’m not really qualified say that yet as I have never been preggers). I cut myself 5 times on my left hand- should’ve worn gardening gloves-but it was worth it. The result is a beautiful cascade of denim shreds and hanging threads; it really is more delicate than it is hard rock. The look of course, demands that though. It demands the sort of trailor trash chic that seems to be popular a la K.Moss, so I sort of oblidged, but more of as a Park and Cube tribute than the later. Come to think of it, “Shini jeans” has a really charming ring to it doesn’t it? Mahaha, I’m so funny. From now on, these will be referred to as thus. Hope you don’t mind Shini!

My dad goes to a lot of Comp Sci conventions and he often brings back goodies. This was a Microsoft promotional puzzle, but I saw instant necklace potential in the poly methyl methacrylate (mahahha nerd speak). However, you can’t just glue the little beasties together; you have to do some plastic welding. Here’s a vid that explains it all and more.

I ordered some acrylic cement from Rideout Plastics, which had the cheapest shipping ($7.95) I could find for the product and a brush. I can see why it’s so much though, they do take very good care of the chemicals.

Shipping took forever (more like a week) but it was worth it. The stuff gets pretty messy and dries SUPER fast. Like the vid said, it only sticks to plastics, though contact with clothing is annoying (I wore my lab coat, teehee). I goofed a bit from from the messiness, but it’s hardly noticable when worn.

necklace: DIY || dress: H&M || blouse (worn as vest): Ann Taylor || belt: Ellen Tracy || socks: borrowed || shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

For now, I’ve tied a cord around the top hooks cause I couldn’t wait to wear it, it’s so boss. I still need to drill holes for a chain/ribbon, then it will be complete!