I'm gonna need more hangers.

vogue paris [june/july2011]

i saw this in the midst of my clinical phase and it still seized me in so many ways. when i think about it, it makes a lot of sense; it appeals to my old aesthetics: layered bracelets, quasi-madonna swagger (cuz you can never be the real thing), oversized outerwear, cheeky polka dots. i’ve even wanted a marshalls cap like that before. and the leather jacketttttt! i like my LJs hardwared.

wonderland [feb/mar2011]

got a lot of belated inspiration posts coming up. it’s time.

i broke my sunglasses in barcelona, in a hug-induced scuffle with friends. they were heart-shaped, pale transparent pink, cheapass UO ones and i was quite fond of them, probably because they stuck around. anyway, i was waiting for them to break so i could replace them. that is not in any way a reflection of how i view people. maybe boys. buwhaha.

i thought about maybe getting large circular metallic frames, a la the 70s trend, but decided not to. still thinking about it obviously, but i’m still convinced heart shaped ones are the shape for me.

like the t-length + boots thing. demure grunge is great.

balenciaga fw2007

The Prof told me in class today that my look was Balenciaga. he couldn’t have been more right and i wrong. i think i’m still scratching my head at the fact that i didn’t see it as a reference point before. all the elements are there. the military pinched waist, the fur collar, the jodhphur-esque pants. was this piece of inspiration sitting on the back burners this whole time? wow. mind jacked.

marie claire us [june 2010]

via tfs

i haven’t done this in awhile.