I'm gonna need more hangers.

vogue nippon [aug2011, jun2011] :: elle france [jun2011]

slits + cut outs. i don’t know how to convey how drawn i am to these except to force them down your eyes. frequently.

elle uk [jan2011]

i haven’t really felt like blogging lately, to be honest. there were over 1000+ posts on my reader that i hadn’t caught up on and i pressed mark all as read. and it felt good. sometimes it’s good to not give a shit; you need your space or else you end up sweeping trash.

i miss dressing playfully classic. to me, classic demands structured jacket of some kind, and it’s just too hot for that. i could use a good short suit now.

today is also the last day of my style class. i’m not sure what i’m feeling right now, but i’ll know what it is later.