I'm gonna need more hangers.

jacket [ann taylor loft] :: polo [graniph] :: pants [trick girl] :: belt [uo] :: tie [f21] :: earring [unknown] :: shoes [underground]

photos [riggallus]

so my attempts to be british punk => japanese interpretation actually turned out to look uncannily like balenciaga fw2007, which is more high fashion than i had intended. go figure. well so much for that.

also, i couldn’t decide what to do in terms of make-up (eyes or lips) so i did eyebrows. hahaaa, never done that before. it helps the boy poses.have you noticed that it’s so much easier to pose like a boy? you just kind of pretend like your upper body is a triangle, your dick is skilled and you don’t talk very much.

no discount :: exit magazine fw2010 :: vogue spain feb 2011

i think i’m trying to rebel against myself again. the restrictions i’ve given myself as of late–the minimalism, the attempted effortlessness– are making me nauseous. i must admit it’s heavily influenced by the recent crop of blogs i’ve been addicted to, which was also a reaction to my boredom with opulence. it’s circuitous and i suppose my only sense of direction is led by my unwillingness to be bored in my own body.

i want to wear something distasteful today. but controlled. haha, i always want to have control. oops was that reading too much into my personality? nice to meet you too.