I'm gonna need more hangers.

white portfolio clutch, floral shirtdress [asos]

god dammit asos, i told you not to tempt me with your wares. i haven’t bought a frivolous thing since coming back, its been nearly a month and gotten pretty good at saying no to nice things. but then i’m getting weird 90s hawaiian tapestry couch vibes from the shirt and suddenly, it’s calling me. i would probably art deco line the flowers with a fabric pen. portfolio’s still too expensive, but damn, that shirt is such a trap. if you see me parading around in it soon, feel free to mock me and my so-called self-control.

celine resort 2012, jil sander ss2011

i don’t mean to stick my nose in the air and go all “so when i was in europe, i was all inspired-like” but i can’t help it, it legitimately did. i think travel anywhere does that for people.

pre-EU, i was super into looking pristine and bleached out, very jil sander/calvin klein, but after seeing that EVERYONE does the tailored minimalist look, i got kind of sick of it while i was there. i have this tendency to repulsively reject over saturated trends, even ones that i’m really into. i’ve bounced back since then of course, but i did get really into florals and leather jackets. not that i wasn’t before, but even more so now: they are solid favorites. the thing with florals is that i like them in a more graphic or abstract sense, no liberty prints or that hippie girl stuff. i need the pattern to be aggressive and bold, playing on outlines, cut-and-paste. i’m surprised the floral bit about jil sanders ss2011 didn’t take hold. whew!

the only thing is, i’m pretty sure these celine photos will be all over in the next few months, because it’s well, celine, or rather the PPP (the phoebe philo problem). so i might have to involuntarily black list them until everyone gets back on the color blocking boat.

dress [tfnc london] :: tights [ebay] :: shoes [underground] :: rings [asos] :: bag [fiorucci]

there are three things i can’t stop wearing: this bag, these rings, and these shoes. i literally can’t stop. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. everything i wear is centered around these objects: the bag for its convenience; it’s surprisingly functional for being so stupid cheap; the ring for the weight and flourish-inducing influence; the shoes for their japanese spice-girl appeal.

i think i’ve been simpler these days because i’ve made some poor academic choices and am now suffering those consequences. oh well.

Migo told me he likes this dress on me a lot. it billows and flutters nicely. it’s really nice to have someone who makes you feel precious with but a word of praise. an adoring gaze to accompany is also quite lovely.

oh i got a haircut over spring break. if i tousle it just right, i get this great joan jett mullet effect. i’m so obviously a poser sometimes, with my wannabe punk gear and half-hearted musical tastes. i love that hard-edged stuff, but i’m too girlie for my own good.