I'm gonna need more hangers.
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dress [DIY] :: shoes [ninewest] :: bag [fiorucci] :: bracelet [ebay] :: earrings [secondhand] :: hairband [jcrew]

photos [clnhll]

the dress i made!

it tastes just like i dreamt it would! [spongebob]

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asos fringe maxi skirt

fancy seeing you here.

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blazer [theory] :: dresses [ltr brands, handmade, diy mark&spencers]

i did buy one more dress today, but it’s for a friend. you know that feeling when you’ve found something perfectly suited to someone else’s body, needs, and tastes?

that my friends, is finding 5th base.

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messeca [shop nasty gal] :: alexander wang [opening ceremony] :: yohji yamamoto [ln-cc]

gonna DIY the fuck out of this.

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when i was in japan, i saw a fringe dress that i fell in love with but decided not to buy because i’m a jackass i felt like i had spent enough. this dress haunts my dreams. so now i’m making it.

it has to be several things: one fringe layer, casual like a t-shirt, twirl-worthy, white. this combats the usual boho/20s/cowboy references i’m not so keen on. a modern design.

i notice that my designs tend to be simple while my style is ornate. well not as of late, but in general.