I'm gonna need more hangers.

I’m inspired today! Well, granted to urge to take pics again is from a Weardrobe contest, but no matter. This skirt is one of my prized NYC souvenirs and when I first saw it, I knew it was mean to be a dress and at only $10 (which is daylight robbery for such a gorgeous thing!). I did intend to have the flap part behind me, billowing out, but this manner results from me needing to zip up properly and now I’m hooked on its versatility.

Bra top is working out nicely, though its supposed to go over a bra or else it falls flat. >.< Necklace, got at UO on sale, another chain for the collection, but it rusts like a MFer. Boo! Come to think of it, everything I’m wearing is from NY, except the leggings.

Now about the shoes: they were another NYC treasure, though I did pay full price, $108 smackers to be exact. The beautiful thing about NYC is NO SALES TAX (but I’m sure it’s hell on other things). So yes, I’ve never bought hundred dollar shoes on my own before, but I’ve been looking for oxford/brogue types of shoes are far too long and these…these were perfect. I hesitated for awhile but, the white leather is so soft and long story short, I couldn’t let them go. And you know what? No regrets.

Skirt (worn as dress), Label NYC // Leggings, Zara // Bra top, Necessary Clothing // Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell // Necklace, UO

That said, I just wanted the look to be very…blue. This look is very water-bearer to me, with the draping and subtle flow, very serene, I feel like a nymph almost. It also recalls the BCBGMaxAzria SS09 lookbook. Only thing: still too loose at the top. Need to get this baby tailored! I’m just afraid it’ll get ruined you know? I’m always so hesitant about these alteration thing, but some ppl swear by them. I might attempt fixing it, but it’ll have to wait, got a lot of other DIYA (do it yourself alterations) things in line. Oh and I’m experimenting with photo editing and such. I like it more when I look alive and a bit more dynamic, any suggestions.

On a side note, I would like to point out that the term “gardening” comes with a lot of misconceptions about the work. After today’s efforts, “yard work” is the more appropriate term. It is by no means the fluffy task it is commonly associated with. Often time there are fire ants, mosquitoes, angry vines being evicted, thorns, killer bamboo grass, dead trees still clinging to the soil like Uncle Scrooge from the grave to his pocketbook. Oh and chainsaws. Does that sound like old lady stuff to you? Didn’t think so. Hail the gardener! I know I do now, my hands are aching with my newfound respect.