I'm gonna need more hangers.

jacket [gap] :: shirt [bdg] :: jeans [levis] :: boots [uo] :: bag [poverty flats] :: hat [f21, asos] :: ear cuffs [ebay]


my hair’s still growing out and i hate it.  my Migo told me to try a hat.

tush winter 2010, yen magazine june 2010, vogue nippon feb 2007 [fashiongonerogue]

if i weren’t such a god damn lazy blogger, i would’ve told you ages ago that i had a thing for bowler hats. and you would just KNOW what i want when i say i’m thinking about hats. cuz this blog is about me. i forget that. silly me. now i feel like we don’t know each other at all. WHY ARE RELATIONSHIP SO HARD? esp imaginary ones because i’ve probably lost all my readers now.

whatever. being readerless (at least to my knowledge) means i can now verbally jizz all over this blog and it’s totally cool. yay jizz!

also, why are all those girls cooler than me? :( it’s obviously the hair. i have hair insecurities.

anyway, i bought a bowler at forever. its not as nice and sturdy looking at those above, but it’ll do the trick for now. i spent the savings on a few other goodies that i’ll maybe share. MAYBE. no more lies about blogging more.

btw, i may or may not seriously be channeling Man Repeller, whose my new fav blogger muse, in the future. note i said blogger. her style is high street-ish, but I actually don’t care all that much; its her rhetoric that kills me.