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sorry for not posting this earlier, i honestly didn’t think to make one, i was just dicking around.

but here we go! this is a tutorial for turning an old blazer with shoulder pads into a vest or vest dress. i’m not a professional, but i’m not a fan of DIYs that look like DIYs, ie. sloppy or fast. this is going to take awhile, but sit down and watching some reruns of a favorite show while you sew.

you’ll need:

1) a blazer

2) a seam ripper

3) sewing needle

4) pins with heads

5) thread of a similar color to blazer

6) fabric scissors

step 1: acquire blazer

i found this while thrifting, but you can use any blazer you like. pick on that fits well around the waist, i’ll only be showing you how to remove the sleeves and resew it the armholes. this tutorial is for the kind where the lining is sewn on, so it’s a bit more challenging than if there wasn’t one. i’d also go for a longish one so you can wear it as a dress or with leggings or what have you. but that’s just a personal preference.

step 2: remove the seams of the sleeve shell and lining

use a seam ripper. mine cost $1.48 at walmart and it’s my favorite sewing tool.

step 3: realign shoulder pads

if your blazer doesn’t have shoulder pads, you can skip this step. undo the shoulder pads, they’re probably anchored down by a few stitches. alternatively, you could just cut them until you get the length you want, but mine were fabric covered and pretty so i decided not to. it doesn’t really matter too much because they’ll be covered. i basically pushed the pads closer to the lapel till a little before my shoulders ended (for me, the final length was about 15.75″). i put them on the outside here to show you what i did, but you’re going to want to put them back between the lining and the shell.

step 4: reattach shoulder pads

pin the shoulder pads in place on the shell and lining to keep the lining in the right place and to not risk forgetting about sewing pins inside the jacket on accident (which i did on this very jacket, like a jackass, and how to wrestle it out). reachor them down onto the seam, so it doesn’t show on the outside of the lining. keep the pins that secure it in for now and remove everything at the end.

step 5: fold the hem over twice to cover the raw fabric edge

you’ll want the shell to be curling into the lining and ideally covering the shoulder pad as well. on the curved edges, cut a few notches like i have done so the fabric will curve more. don’t cut too deep or it won’t be covered when you fold. pin in place.

step 6: blind stitch in place

i used what’s called a blind stitch. that tutorial explains it really well, there are plenty out there. it’s a great hidden stitch, even better than the parallel stitch because it’s totally hidden if you do it right. a few notes:

1) when going through the covered hem, try to catch both the lining and shell so its more secure

2) when attaching to the main blazer part, catch only the lining. if you catch the shell too, it creates a weird puckering thing in the end. which i did. :( it was a long night.


sale: $25

the vest is closer to this color, a bright fuchsia watermelon hybrid.

if anyone’s interested in giving it a home, it’ll be $5 shipping, so let me know!

note: this was a thrifted piece, so it’s not in pristine condition. there’s a small stain on the lapel, but other than that, it’s in great condition.

anyways, i hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions! have fun DIYing!