I'm gonna need more hangers.

whowhatwear [pink about it] via Miel

holy shit fuck, that polka dot dress. its even has scalloped edges! *wheezes* I WILL HAVE YOU.

polka dots are my favorite print. it’s so god damn hard to find not trashy pieces that use it.

oh GOD and those shoes. those Barbie pin-up lovelies. “climb into my mouth now child.”

[?] :: diy shorts :: vogue turkey [feb 2011] :: paper mag

via heartbeat-intimidation , a pair and a spare, fashionising

i actually don’t care for the suit at all, but the edges got me thinking again.

eurowoman [oct 2010] :: catherine malandrino [fw2011] :: vogue nippon [sept 2007]

a little is ok right?

Olivia Wilde [GQ] :: Grey [Fall 2010] :: Vogue Russia [Dec 2010]

geeky sexpot secretary. hmmm need more non-platitude pop culture  references. its a hard look to describe. but its definitely part classic, part costume.

also, when i don’t have any clever title ideas, i use other people’s words.

tao okamoto via picked pics [ginza, oct 2010] :: chanel iman via fashiongonerogue [allure, sept 2010]

GAH MAKES ME WANNA CUT MY HAIR SO BADLY!!! i had a bowl cut as a kid; tao’s Vidal Sassoon 5 point tribute is killing me. no no no no…i must be patient.

also, chanel’s dries van noten pants are so awesome. overly hyped brands can be just that, BUT there is a reason for the ooes and aws. in fact, that entire last outfit is my kind of minimalism, if i have such a thing. the plays on texture, the slim fit, the bondage element. again though, i need some jewelry. I NEED IT.

vogue korea may 2010 [tfs]

disregarding the ubiquitous ‘stylish migraine’ pose, the energy is incredible. it makes me believe in the neo-tribal thing that editors have been trying to convince me to buy into for years and spanks me in the eye for not mixing prints in so long. or dressing up for that matter. i have some things i need to sort out, but i’ll be posting again soon.

oh! i got a nikon d5000 today. so you bet your ass i’ll be keeping my promises this time.

dress: H&M || shoes: Nike || bracelets: various places

Yes, this summer is really all about sneakers. K-drama’s hooked, it’s rubbing off on me, I’m acting on a once dormant fascination and it is probably going to be VERY BAD for my checking account. Anyways, I wore these yesterday and I can’t get these puppies off my feet.

Tried piling on bracelets again, only 3 tiers this time. Back in the day, it was at least 5 layers of bracelets. I was aiming for close to the elbows. It works better in the winter, but I forgot how powerful it felt to have gauntlets on.

I was a bit inspired to wear this dress with the sneaks by JCDC:

photos from tfs

Or maybe just Tao Okamoto. Yeah probably XD. Regardless, it was one of the only graphic/print-y dresses I own. Also, trying to find socks I own without holes in the heels is a no-go. Boo -_- What else looks good with trainers besides pants? Invesitigation continues…

This was the former name of my blog, so naturally I have a soft spot for it. It reflects my obsessive affinity for white, poof infused-tulle skirts. I want a closet full of ‘em.

photos from tfs, wwd, nymag, paper mag

Lately I’ve been an internet troll and combing around looking at online/free magazines. Here are three that have piqued my interest.

1. I <3 Fake is a fairly decent zine, thought it tends to be excruciatingly pretentious, as most youth-based zines tend to be. The artsy fartsy photography is pretty great at some points, but in excess, it just looks like a lot of teen smut. Nipples does not make masterpieces. I do love the energy though and any kind of injection I can get, I’ll take. Each issue has a neat theme that they follow to the T and I’m a sucker for themes. Parties…editorials…the whole 9 yards.

2. Prim,¬† I love Prim. Kristin, editor-of-wonder, totally pushed her zine to evolution from tadpole DIY to public contender. I can’t wait to see what she makes of it in the future. She’s inspired me to get my butt moving on my own projects. There are fashion spreads GALORE in here, though still very haphazard, as if the young crew was so excited and full of ideas, that they just fabricated them all without filtering first. Keep up the great work Prim, don’t ever be proper.

3. Clear’s fashion spreads are the most pro out of these, but only in styling (the others start to look like the same disaffected, half-naked waifs). Picture wise, they prefer a crisp, clear take, much like those of their contemporaries. Prim and I <3 Fake go back and forth between that style and the softer, fairy tale-esque blur, so looking at Clear is a nice break from the other two. Also, their covers always have an evolution of the final, from model shoot, to intermediate anaphase, to what you see here. It’s pretty clever. The other articles I’m not too keen on, they stick to the same collage work, which seems amateurish, despite the “clearly” adult text.

These are all bimonthly, digitized zines that are totally in the ZONE. I want to be apart of that. I can’t wait till July 7th, when I finally get to talk to the Dean about issuing my zine on campus. For now, I’m just writing down every idea that pops into my head.

I used to sit and just think of ways to turn toys into accessories. Seems I’m behind on the lego craze, but what the hell, I’m just getting back in the game.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s “PLUG” lego sunglasses, Dazed Digital

(Sir) Galahad, Facehunter

Sabrina Goh, Elohim