I'm gonna need more hangers.

jacket [le milliardaire] :: bag [reiss] :: shoes [office] :: dress [yessica]

obviously, i spoke too soon about a bag. i always do that and feel foolish for telling the internet about it. it seeems like such a big deal in my head, when these material matters are clearly trivial. they’re just things. but things that i adore! though i might sell the blue dress, i really don’t need another floor length gown.

these are some things i bought during the trip, i don’t feel like photographing everything, i’ll just make a reference when i wear a piece. i didn’t buy a ton of things, which i’m incredibly proud of, but i still made some poor purchasing decisions. like all those macaroons i haven’t eaten. i am so sick of them right now.

to be honest, i havent felt like blogging lately because i’ve been job hunting. my sense of self worth is so entirely dependent on my financial well-being that its difficult for me to focus on much else, i’m afraid. i’m not sure how personal i’m supposed to keep my blog, i try not to be, it should be all about style/fashion/aesthetics, but how can i help it if it’s run by a real person? sometimes i wish i were made of metal. machines have valuable.

let’s play a game! tell me if you can correctly guess…

1) which city each item is from (hint: paris or london)

2) price

ok so first question is a gimme, but the price one! that should be fun.

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blazer [theory] :: dresses [ltr brands, handmade, diy mark&spencers]

i did buy one more dress today, but it’s for a friend. you know that feeling when you’ve found something perfectly suited to someone else’s body, needs, and tastes?

that my friends, is finding 5th base.

jacket [guess] :: vest [uo x dark harts] :: dress, skirt [f21] :: stole, hat, earrings [unknown] :: tights [uo] :: boots [ninewest]

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jacket [f21] // dress [banana republic] // tights [stockin girl] // shoes [9west] // bracelets [f21, thrifted]

For the majority of my fall wardrobe, I couldn’t stop wearing this jacket, gold jewelry, and grey dresses. Something about simple, pullover grey dresses that keeps me coming back for more. I’m really attracted to the long T-shirt feel; it makes for easy study-mode transitions. Look back on this outfit now, it looks a bit model-off-duty, which bothers me since I like to think I’m more ornate than that. Practicality slowly seeps in as the semester progresses I suppose.

jacket: Ralph Lauren || shirt: Elementz || pants: INC || shoes: Steve Madden || socks: got in JPN || headband: F21

This entire outfits, minus the headband and the socks, is new duds (on sale of course). Sales at Macy’s are always awesome: 50% off + another 50% on top of that! That’s how my mom and I roll.

These pants are the perfect pair of black pants that I’ve been searching for! Just when I least expected it…oh glorious, glorious day. The shirt was just a random pick off the rack to try on with the pants, but I’m a sucker for ruffles.

I remember wanting a band jacket in high school really badly, especially when it was popular in editorials…I wanna say…circa 2005? 2004 even? I remember coveting a  jacket (I think it was Marc Jacobs) that I saw on Hilary Swank: perfectly cuffed sleeves, gold braided details, brass and buttons, the works but not overworked. Like most trends, you forget about them eventually and they become a fad of that season and that season only. But I realized that maybe it’s not really a fad with me but a long lost love. I really love this jacket is what I’m trying to say,  though considering some tailoring on the sides to make it more fitted, but it’s somewhat decent without it. I fidget about these things.

And aren’t these shoes wonderful? The socks soften them, but they do look a bit on the fetish side. They may never live up to the aforementioned Phi resort 09 shoes or let alone John Gallianos SS09, but they’ll certainly do. For $24, hell yeah they’ll do.

Oh and that’s the end of the post series. Whew! Lots of catching up to do still, on the inspirational front. I’ve gotten…5 new pairs of shoes…sigh. Just can’t help myself.