I'm gonna need more hangers.

michael kors aw2011 [jak&jil] :: unknown [shinyplastichag]

do want. wouldn’t that be killer with…everything?

givenchy haute couture :: harpers bazaar spain [july2010] :: luxirare :: fleet ilya [aw2010]

stacked. simple, banded. a favorite trick in my awkward, plastic adolescence, but with far more adult design and materials. i’m thinking armlets, but gauntlets work too. i wish i could manipulate metals. it’s times like these i wish i was going to school for a different purpose.

this is jen jen, my roommate. she takes pics of me sometimes. i loved all the bangles she wore today! isn’t she lovely? modeling is totally serious business for her. obviously.

cape [sena parma] :: blouse [tahari] :: pants [trick girl] :: boots [underground] :: jewelry [from Miel, uo, misc]

i wanted to do several things with this outfit: wear a new Indian necklace from Miel, these boots with these pants, and this cape/cardigan/shrug thing i dont wear very often. i’m not sure why. i think it’s cuz it’s a summer piece. it and the pants (which has sick pockets) are from japan.

something wasn’t right though and its my hair. it’s not neat enough. too many flyaways. since i’m wearing flats, i need more pulled together bits.

marie claire us [june 2010]

via tfs

i haven’t done this in awhile.