I'm gonna need more hangers.

pre-spring 2012 [my weekend looks]

photos via capucine

time ss2011 [trendland]

blogging is what i do now when i procrastinate, though it didn’t use to be that way. i think i just proved to myself if you try hard enough, you can make something that’s was a bit of a burden into a habit monster.

2 essays left and i’m done forever. maybe.

zara [april 2011]

i love 2 things right now: minimalism and color blocking, especially when it involves some sort of acidic shade on top.

nomia fall2011, brood fall2011 [fashionista]

first dress is for The Mnmlst, a dress i could design. the second is one that i want to be able to.

y3 spring 2011

which is usually my creedo, but i’ve been pretty much wearing them all the time now because i’ve tired myself out on girlie overload. these boyish cuts make me so happy.

the first look => all white = perfect.

jean paul gaultier pre-fall 2011 [tfs]

gimme. also, her hair is boss.

next project: full length gown…that i’ll wear nowhere but who cares.