I'm gonna need more hangers.

daniel hurlin [hyeres]

i’ve officially started saving for a black leather jacket, as in made a little jar and put change in it, made its picture my wallpaper on my iphone as a reminder. this picture doesn’t really give that away, but the fact that i’m always going back to a silhouette i don’t own but adore goes to show that i really need to stay more focused and buy things i actually really want. also, this jacket is just boss.

actually i’m not really saving for it, i’m trying to get through this month and so i can buy it on my next paycheck. ah young and financially irresponsible. whoooooooo.

vogue paris [june/july2011]

i saw this in the midst of my clinical phase and it still seized me in so many ways. when i think about it, it makes a lot of sense; it appeals to my old aesthetics: layered bracelets, quasi-madonna swagger (cuz you can never be the real thing), oversized outerwear, cheeky polka dots. i’ve even wanted a marshalls cap like that before. and the leather jacketttttt! i like my LJs hardwared.

shirt [river island] :: pants [zara] :: boots, glasses [uo] :: hat [f21] :: jewelry [ebay, thrifted]

mjolk fw2011 [fashionisto]

blegh the sneakers, but those pants! i’m getting bored again with western wear. probably gonna start looking at asian stuff again for awhile.

helmet magazine [fashionisto]

if he had some softer looking shoes, this would be a great Migo look, pre-haircut.

i’m considering starting a boys fashion blog. i’ve been posting so frequently now, so it might be a good idea in order to keep things less cluttered on this blog. it’d probably be a tumblr though.

sources unknown

this looks so good right now. or for fall. no i want it now. i hate it when i’m on the cusp of liking something and i’m out of season. when will my clock tick tock on the dot? why am i always in a state of wanting?

vogue nippon, july 2010 [fashiongonerogue] :: [streetfsn] :: [thatschic] :: kim minhee [anam] :: vogue girl [tumblr] :: [marwood]

a bit grunge, a bit crisp, a bit dishelved, a bit tucked, i’m teetering on the edge of another litany. i’m definitely being pushed onto something all right.

finally finished exam after spending all day on it. wore creepers again today. can’t stop won’t stop.

jacket [uo] :: cardigan [h&m] :: shirt [jcrew] :: necklace, barrettes [f21] :: socks [hue] :: shoes [calvin klein] :: skirt, stole, bow tie [?]

photos: Miel

proof! i loved this outfit today, i felt so in my element. girlish and the slightest wannabe dandy. though i had a serious case of hag-girl hair earlier.

i submitted this outfit to teenvogue’s snapshot blog. maybe they’ll like it as much as i do.