I'm gonna need more hangers.

lily kwong [vogue china, april 2012]

some people know that i have a minimalist streak. i’ve been looking for a skirt version of my wednesday addams dress. damn you miu miu! and now i’ve also just spent way too long looking at chignon hair tutorial for my fun friday outfit. my school’s new higher ups are a lot more severe, so this is my mild attempt at demonstrating casual(er) friday.

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alexander wang [ibra ake] :: zara [vanessa jackman] :: jean paul gaultier [harpersbazaar korea]

weekly white dress roundup. its the differences i adore.

vogue brazil [june2011]

i love her hair. and her expression in the last one. and all the little details that bring this home: half tuck, watch choker, bowler, silver. <3

dress [dkny] :: blazer [theory] :: shoes [calvin klein]

had this dress since spring break. been wearing it privately for awhile because wearing it out is dangerous work.

harper’s bazaar hong kong apri2011 [fgr]

mmm, yes, a combination that will bleed well into fall.

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shirt [bycorpus] :: pants [erynbrinie] :: purse [fiorucci] :: cuff [newyork&co] :: rings [asos]

not proud that i did, but i did. my classes got canceled so i spent a vast majority of the morning trying to find a way match Migo’s b&w ensemble and to wear this white lace corset bra as outer wear. super unsuccessful. i just don’t have a sheer enough shirt and the bottom of the corset has an awkward elastic bit that’s not conducive for stand alone wearing with certain things.

it brings about the internal debate of should i buy something to make it work or just discard it? it seems to be the case with a lot of things i own and now i’m at the point tempted to discard because i’m tired of buying for once.

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shirt [j+] :: skirt [secondhand silk shirt] :: hat [f21]

the slit cuts into my thigh, suggestively opening it up a bit more, and i love it.

i wore creepers at night and changed to my small clip on hat cause Migo stole my bowler for his look. he looked super cute; i wish i got a picture.

i get my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. 4 of them. i’m a little nervous. i fear for my mouth.