I'm gonna need more hangers.

jacket, socks [uo] :: shirt [gap] :: pants [inc] :: hat [f21] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch]

this is the alley where our condo was in Nice. it was the kind where you hang your laundry to dry and you open the shutters while speaking french at 6 am. time is off when i travel and i find it easier to wake up before people rise. i hate it admit it, but everything’s gotten better since school’s ended. the underbellies of my eyes agree. too bad we left Nice that day.

i’m being unceremoniously displaced from one city to the next and it’s quite interesting. nothing becomes routinized, everything stays new, i stay in a constant state of wonderment. it’s very satisfying to wander and satisfy that lust, but it’s also tiring on my brain. i don’t have nearly enough time to process everything or even sit to sketch a little. i’m combining my thoughts that would go into a journal with my style posts. i think it makes sense that way. i’m building up for a full on text post about my blog’s direction and where i’d like it to go.

style notes! yes i am wearing socks with sandals. ah BUT! they are heels, so that fixes the problem i have with the usual visual atrocities committed. this outfit is definitely plane proof and transitioned ridiculously well into the amsterdam crowd. maybe too well.

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shirt [shesaidwhat] :: leggings [americanapparel] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: bag [piorucci]

insisted on finding nice’s asian art museum and it was this lovely white swan on an artificial lake. i’m seeing white everywhere and it makes me so happy.

my personal style is a tyrant. my feet in serfdom suffered a lot today and i’m not even going to kid myself. but like a good girl, i do it anyways. i do it because it looks good. oh stupid stupid me.