I'm gonna need more hangers.

shirt [solemio] :: bra [asos] :: pants [erynbrinie] :: bag [fiorucci] :: shoes [phi]

photos [jen jen]

i know. i broke my 5 outfit photos max rule. i’ve wanted to wear this outfit for quite some time, but jen jen and i agreed, the bra top is kind of distracting, so i changed after class. i forgot the bracelet and rings somewhere, but i wore those too.

the shirt is from nasty gal, although they don’t have the black one anymore on sale. it often takes me a year to come around to trends that i like. i have to be sure of how to wear it in my way. in this case, i didn’t want leggings or shorts or something too grunge-y. it had to be surprisingly refined.

am i writing too much? am i being too serious? should i explain myself more? i don’t even know. i’m just trying to be honest.

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I went shopping with my mom again today (it’s her birthday), and I got a pair of shoes. Well you know what? I think I’m going to return them. I remembered that I had made the mistake of trying on these shoes at Phi while in NYC.

Phi Resort 2009

Jak & Jil

Yeah see those? They were a wicked 4+ inch, thin as a bitch stiletto and they felt AMAZING. They were originally $625 or something like that, 40% off. Still in the $300 range.

Since then, I’ve had two problems 1) I want multi strap stilettos reminescent of Dior X Mad Max fantasies and 2) I love the way $600 feels on my feet. Wah triple digits. It was ungodly sad for me to rip myself away from that store. As a result, I have become a convert and I don’t even own anything from the store yet. All I know is that I now want to be a Phi girl. And I want everything from the resort collection.

Phi Resort 2010

So hard to narrow down my favorites. But those fantastic jackets, the sick shoes, the fun surfer-esque prints and leggings, even the silly biker shorts trend that I blame Alex Wang for! I’d venture to describe Phi’s aesthetic as that of a tribal gang of wicked neo-urban fish. I don’t know why, it just fits.

source: style.com