I'm gonna need more hangers.
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160, OR01 [maybelline, missha]

my dissatisfaction for everything around me has festered out of today’s boredom. my idle behavior is because i’ve spent too much money this month while my cousin Thumbaulina was visiting and i’ve grounded myself until next week when i leave for fukuoka again. it could’ve been helped, but i was one faux fur coat/wednesday addams dress too deep in adoration to stop myself. i ask myself a lot of question on my blog, but it often seems directionless in the end. why can’t i just say no? i keep thinking that what i want is one more buy away and i will finally be satisfied. i think i’m filling up my life with things because i’m not thinking about anything important again. i always spend money when i’m way too happy. perhaps some solitude will help me rethink my wardrobe business.

my birthday’s coming up soon. i don’t know what i want anymore. all i know is that i don’t want to be alone, but that might just happen. i should really leave the house tomorrow.

i tried the two tone lipstick thing. i quite like it. for a shiny base, just lip balm it up.

so i was in a gray phase, but i think that’s just korea. i made a weekend trip to fukuoka (happy hangul day! and how nose tilting is that comment? bhaha i just like sounding fancy) and come back looking like a japanese middle school girl. i also don’t know what possessed me to make such poor shopping choices again: this cheap shirt, quality is questionable but the hearts oh the hearts; these navajo print thigh high socks which i’m strangely in love with; another pair of scalloped shorts. is it buyers remorse? perhaps. this happened last year too. there has to be a remedy for this itis; i’m just too big a sucker for japanese style period. there were so many precious style moments and creepers are everywhere and everywhere a taunting echo of my loved ones at home. to be fair though, i did spend a lot more on a few necessities and lots of great food, so i shouldn’t feel too bad. the polka dot backpack was entirely intentional. welcome to my life little buddy.

something i must tell you though: i saw the perfect leather jacket. but it was about 1/3 of my monthly salary and i just couldn’t do it. i am boning inside right now for the right time to pounce. january? i think so. oh i’m so sick in the head.

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shirt [j+] :: pants [h&m divided] :: belt [uo] :: shoes [ninewest] :: earring [ebay]

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i really haven’t had my priorities straight. jen jen reminded me of that this morning when i was trying to find the perfect all pink outfit, which didnt work anyways. lately i’ve procrastinated by blogging, and that’s great an all, yay establishing self, but i need to be trying harder to find a job. yeah i have some direction, maybe, but i need to be more serious. i was incredibly annoyed with myself most of the day and disgusted with being in my own body. it was a pretty shitty feeling.

this earring don’t belong to me; they got sent to me by accident. the ones i ordered are coming, but i’m actually quite fond of these now and will be sad to send them off. it’s the moons. also, playing around with photoshop for a filter effect i like. haven’t found it yet. i change my mind too much.

jen, in her unfiltered glory. XD

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isabel marant [cherryblossomgirl] :: h&m divided [vanillascented] :: trash&vaudeville [luxirare]

i have my own that i’m pretty please with; i just want to wear them with a bright pink shirt though. maybe i’ll have to make one. it’s approaching that hour when i’m itching to design/make something again. its bad. very bad.

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sweater [mom] :: scarf [frenchconnection] :: pants, cardigan (scarf) [h&m] :: glasses [uo] :: hairband [jcrew] :: shoes [ninewest]

photos: [jen jen]

i usually wear all pink on my birthday, but i’m feeling sick so i thought this would help.

a girl walked by me and said rather big-eyed “piiiink…” i was so delighted.

whowhatwear [pink about it] via Miel

holy shit fuck, that polka dot dress. its even has scalloped edges! *wheezes* I WILL HAVE YOU.

polka dots are my favorite print. it’s so god damn hard to find not trashy pieces that use it.

oh GOD and those shoes. those Barbie pin-up lovelies. “climb into my mouth now child.”

zara [ss2011]

FAWK. my colorrrrrrr

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hoodie [f21] :: jeans [h&m] :: sneakers [nike] :: bag [kimchi blue]

minus calderon, there was a lot of pink going on that day on campus. i think everyone needed a pick-me-up that friday. plus, it was my birthday the next day and i decided to keep the tradition going.