I'm gonna need more hangers.

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I’m crazy for the princess coats, son. How does he always manage to find that perfect shade of baby pink? That’s the color I want my future 1958 Convertible Corvette to be. Overall, this resort collection is very muted and more pretty than daringly Deacon. But I’m cool with that. Pretty is the new ugly anyways.

Speaking of ugly, Pixie Geldorf’s face really annoys me here for some reason. It looks super squaty with that wig, which is unfortunate because I don’t mind her normally.

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I went shopping with my mom again today (it’s her birthday), and I got a pair of shoes. Well you know what? I think I’m going to return them. I remembered that I had made the mistake of trying on these shoes at Phi while in NYC.

Phi Resort 2009

Jak & Jil

Yeah see those? They were a wicked 4+ inch, thin as a bitch stiletto and they felt AMAZING. They were originally $625 or something like that, 40% off. Still in the $300 range.

Since then, I’ve had two problems 1) I want multi strap stilettos reminescent of Dior X Mad Max fantasies and 2) I love the way $600 feels on my feet. Wah triple digits. It was ungodly sad for me to rip myself away from that store. As a result, I have become a convert and I don’t even own anything from the store yet. All I know is that I now want to be a Phi girl. And I want everything from the resort collection.

Phi Resort 2010

So hard to narrow down my favorites. But those fantastic jackets, the sick shoes, the fun surfer-esque prints and leggings, even the silly biker shorts trend that I blame Alex Wang for! I’d venture to describe Phi’s aesthetic as that of a tribal gang of wicked neo-urban fish. I don’t know why, it just fits.

source: style.com