I'm gonna need more hangers.

rinko kikuchi [oyster#93] :: chiaki kuriyama [i-d magazine#293]

when it comes to beauty icons, i’m drawn to japanese girls. the reason is in the jawline, a sharp and slightly hollowed out one, which my face can be at times. i think it looks soft today because i’m feeling quite doe-ish (doughish too, but less so). other faces i quite like are devon aoki, jenny shimizu, and even daul kim (although she breaks the j-girl line). tao okamoto used to be on this list, but i think i just like her hair. i used to want to trade faces, who didn’t, but i think i’m at a comfortable place where i just use the term “icon” loosely as a source of inspiration. i like seeing how they accentuate their angles and expressions in photos. oh and make up ideas.

lately i’ve been preoccupied with restoring my former, not-college exhausted face and trying to take better care of my skin, sleeping 8 hrs and eating well. i should start taking vitamins and drinking more water. my pursuit for natural beauty within myself has been on my mind more than shopping, which is so odd to me since shopping is just as natural to me.

red cross japan tee [openingceremony]

back ordered. and they should be.

also, my two girl crushes are modeling them. how can i say no?