I'm gonna need more hangers.

regrettable purchases of 2011

that outburst was to my would-be husband. currently i imagine him to have a rather charming and archaic name and to be very not asian.

anyway, it’s funny how when i want to get rid of things on my hanger/wall of shame that i often think “aw no…didn’t i once love you for a reason? can’t we make this work afterall?”

the answer should always be a resounding no, though its never an easy one.

1) as in love as i am with the faux fur collar, i just never came around to the olive color and it never fails to turn me off.

2) impulse buy, it looked great at the time but i hardly ever know what to pair it with. it’s a little too costume-y and all i do is stare at it. i’ve worn it twice in the past 3 months.

3) impulse buy, out of necessity. the stripes don’t line up. i am so annoyed at myself for not catching it.

4) adore that neckline, but the bow is too wilty and i think it’s too childish now.

5) augh i’m such a heart whore, i buy them fast and easy, and then i’m stuck with cheap ass quality that i can no longer stand. it puckers, it’s not long enough to tuck in, it wrinkles disgustingly around the embroidery. it’s infuriating.

and do you know what these all have in common? they were all cheap or on sale. HMMMMM. the sooner i get rid of these, the better. i can’t believe i won’t be able to ebay for another 6 months. lord help me.

sigh. the war is far from over.

shirts [muji, e hyphen gallery] :: lingerie [risa magli] :: heattech shirt [uniqlo] :: socks [tutuamma]

i splurged on the most beautiful lingerie masquerading as ordinary underwear in Japan, among other things that are near perfection. i’ve never own anything so unapologetic-ally girlie. i’m always so much better at budgeting in a foreign country than i am with a full debit card. its annoying and a habit i need to fix. one of many things i need to fix in the new me.

these past weeks have been made of relief and pain. on one hand, i now know what feelings to follow to plan my next steps. on the other, i think i just let a soul mate walk on a plane as i held myself in my throat.

first i have to apologize for the inconsistent lighting/editing, i was rushing to get this done and started at funny times. anyway this post is about how to turn a shirt sleeveless like a pro. well, sort of.

ANYWAYS, so i had added the straps that you see underneath and altered the shoulders to fit me a long time ago, but i decided i needed more sleeveless shirts for the summer. it feels weird to undo your own handiwork, but i’m pretty ruthless with a seam ripper. just do it. don’t even think.

step 1: undo seams

do a little under the armpit so the new hem folds over.

step 2: refit shoulders

try it on inside out and pin where you want it. keep doing this until its perfect. i find that you might need to cut off bits to create concave curves inwards, instead of just a straight cut. see for yourself.

step 3: notch the curves

this makes it easier for the hem to curve along the shirt. we’re going to fold the hem over twice to hide the raw edges, so make the notch a little less than halfway.

step 4: fold new hem and sew

sew somewhere 2/3 or 3/4’s away from the edge (towards the shirt) so that it catches the folded under part and traps it inside. otherwise, it’ll escape and that’s not good. this is gonna look so pretty you’ll come all over yourself. i do every time. true story.

told you.

jacket [DIY newyork&co] :: shirt [bdg] :: skirt [wish] :: bracelet [monki]

DIY tutorial post for this coming up! haven’t done one of those in ages.

friend of mine polka dot shirt [yen magazine, helmet]

god i can’t take it for much longer; seeing the same shirt twice is a sign. forget the long gown; i’m making one of these. there’s just something delightfully diseased about polka dots.