I'm gonna need more hangers.

step 2 and step 3 are actually intertwined. i have one terrible habit and that is splurging on the right things at the wrong times. in other words, a lack of prioritizing needlessly nice things over needed things.

yes, play me the smallest violin ever.

while i do crave a perfect working wardrobe of separates and polite shoes, i always ALWAYS cave into high fashion potential.

the struggle fest continues.

Winter Boots 2014

L: Acne Lomi Boots, Alexander Wang Gabi Boots || R: & Other Stories Leather Ankle Boots

WANT#1:  Shoes

i will spoil myself with shoes, whether i will wear them or stare at them. i will. splurge.

NEED: only one multitasker  for winter/work. i’m thinking a simple, chelsea boot style with a chunky heel to be dressy or punky. maybe black, though ideally an eye catching hue or metallic for that beastly fashion craving. maybe the Lomis.



price aint right dough. also the Gabi boots are sold out in my size EVERYWHERE. the faux-croc ones have a 10 cm/4 in heel that might be too much for everyday wear and i’m not sure about the fit as its h&m’s mid-tier division.

bah, maybe just cheap ones will do until the right ones turn up. i’m okay with that since Korea makes awesome fur-lined ones anyway.

sources: la garconne, &otherstories

dress [loaf] :: shoes [ferragamo]

i used to love this dress more than i do now. it’s too big around my chest and my boob coverage is in serious jeopardy, i think i was lying to myself when i bought it. if i alter it to fit, there would be too many seams and it would ruin the look i fell in love with. i’m afraid it’ll have to go. and closet curating continues. i wonder, though, if i’ll eventually go too far.

also, how long has it been since i’ve shown my face? or smiled? one of my mother’s friends told me not to hold myself to a timeline, which i have been doing. i want fashion school by the time i’m 25, i’ll need money and what not, but there really shouldn’t be a hurry, though, to live life. i have to constantly remind myself that i only get to do it once. i guess i’m just in a hurry to live it already.

dress [prototype DIY] :: shoes [jil sander] :: bag [pandorama]

today i went grocery shopping. yup.

i’m a sucker for office girl shoes, they make everything else seem so avant garde by visual comparison. but i’m not sure about these, got them off ebay for pennies and was stoked, but they weren’t the pill white i was imagining them to be. i felt deflated. the fit is a bit narrow too. i might have to resell them. or have them dyed white. or do it myself. bah.

a DIY post for the dress is coming up. i made it recently but didnt know how to photog it. sometimes versatility stalls you. i love having it, but it makes me so indecisive.

converse platform heels [stylefromtokyo]

been staring at these for dayssss trying to deconstruct them. my best guess is that they’re regular converses molded onto a stripper platform heel that’s been reshaped. or that’s how i would do it.

more here.

pierre hardy x gap ss2011

so ladylike and perfect. i’ve seen other pics where the heel is higher and that turns me into pavlov’s dog, a salivating fool on cue.

kris van assche [vanillascented] :: unknown? [lefashion]

i love looking at photos and realizing i already have all the components and i am one step away from execution. to be honest though, while i love garters + socks (over tights = brilliant!), it might still be too trashy for me. we’ll see. tomorrow maybe.

shirt [solemio] :: bra [asos] :: pants [erynbrinie] :: bag [fiorucci] :: shoes [phi]

photos [jen jen]

i know. i broke my 5 outfit photos max rule. i’ve wanted to wear this outfit for quite some time, but jen jen and i agreed, the bra top is kind of distracting, so i changed after class. i forgot the bracelet and rings somewhere, but i wore those too.

the shirt is from nasty gal, although they don’t have the black one anymore on sale. it often takes me a year to come around to trends that i like. i have to be sure of how to wear it in my way. in this case, i didn’t want leggings or shorts or something too grunge-y. it had to be surprisingly refined.

am i writing too much? am i being too serious? should i explain myself more? i don’t even know. i’m just trying to be honest.

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shoes [emma cook x topshop] :: patrick star [ep. 52]

photos [Miel/me]

thank you jackie and killerspin! they were a wonderful birthday gift.

god i had such a crazy shoe boner yesterday just looking at them. riggalus said they look like i’m curb stomping zebras. fuck yeah.

eurowoman [oct 2010] :: catherine malandrino [fw2011] :: vogue nippon [sept 2007]

a little is ok right?

top [abercrombie] :: skirt [calvin klein] :: shoes [jeffrey campbell]

dress [rimini] :: shoes [calvin klein] :: bracelets [misc.]

poncho [eryn brinie] :: dress [thrifted] :: shoes [jeffrey campbell]

dress [thrifted skirt] :: belt [zara] :: shoes [manas]

we’re a great duo. our styles are different but they meld well. that austin trip was a much needed adventure. i still have our soundtrack in the car in my head.