I'm gonna need more hangers.

shirt [f21] :: skirt [laforet] :: shoes [thrifted] :: boots [9west] :: dresses [thrifted] :: bra [some japanese brand, victoria’s secret]

AUUUUUUGGGGGGGGH, i so don’t wanna clean my room right now. opted for a photoshoot with new dresses/oxfords i got in austin. i actually wore the peach ruffly number today.

wei-chuan beat me to posting pics of our austin adventure on facebook and her tumblr.  she has so much initiative, i’ve always admired her for that. sigh.

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dress [kensie] :: socks [hue] :: shoes [9west]

taking the new thigh highs out for a spin. the dress was new too, one of my new favorite pieces. this was over winter break and yeah i’m late blogging, i know and i don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. i don’t want to make promises i can’t keep but i’m trying, believe me i’m trying.

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shoes [nike]

Thank you for the parting gift. I will wear them well.

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White shirts // Jewelry // Calvin Klein

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shoes [steve madden]

Remember when I said I wouldn’t buy anymore shoes after those Lady Dragons? Who guessed that I was lying out of my armpits? Yeah I bought like 2 more pairs. I’m thinking about a 3rd. School needs to seriously start soon. Idle heads make for idle shop lusting.

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shoes: Melissa x Vivienne Westwood

After a bit of a mishap with my first pair being malformed, these finally returned to me. And they’re perfect. My feet were speechless too. I wore them out to UO to check out the sale yesterday and got compliments right off the bat. I told all who would listen about IDLM. Speaking of speechless and what not, Colin of I don’t like Mondays is an absolute sweetheart and gave me an extra discount, which I will be using probably to buy the blue ones.

K-drama and I are having a summer of shoes. He’s binging more than I am, I’m not helping and encouraging, but at least he’s making money. I am not (besides selling my old clothes on eBay, but that’s chump change). I want to stop buying pretty shoes but…I promise PROMISE after these I will stop. Yes. And save up for a pair of boots come fall.

I apologize for not posting lately. I’m just not feeling it. Too tired from tennis, ebay, internship…real life.

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Dr. Martens “Darcie” Boots, Opening Ceremony [$200]

Sigh, I love you, but I’m not ready for such a high stakes commitment. Or am I? I’m just a bit poor now, since my Lady Dragon binge, but I’ll be back for you ok? Or maybe we’ll meet someplace just a teensy bit cheaper?

I’m hunting for boots of course. Ever since I put my Nine West’s back on that and longingly staring at other boot footed bloggers, I’m sort of questioning why I don’t own more boots myself. That’s going to change. Muwahhaha. Right now patent docs, like these, totally light my fire, as well bondagey ones with loads of buckles. Of course, every girl and their mother want pretty woman thigh highs.

Topshop “Britany” boots [$250]

I opt for not shiny because they’re hookerish as it is. The blue is quite fetching no? I’m only hesitating because I don’t know what thigh highs would do to my legs. Being short makes you paranoid. Plus, I’ve tried on Topshop shoes and they’re annoyingly stiff/painful, which is probably what the return process is like.

Chloe Sevigney for Opening Ceremony, FW09 [$625]

Ok so these are gorgeous (I prefer the non-suede ones) and all, but they’re stupid expensive. $625? Really? Who do you think you are Chloe Sev? That’s more than the Phi shoes of my haunted past. That’s borderline Louboutin territory. You ain’t that good lady. Besides, why pay that much, when I could easily get….

Jeffrey Campbell “Potion” Gladiator Platforms, Intermix [$180]

9 buckles, check. Wedge heel, check. 28.8% of the ridiculous price tag, check check check. Granted, there’s aren’t the fancy buckles but are they really worth the extra $445? Yeah you sit on that.

jacket: Ralph Lauren || shirt: Elementz || pants: INC || shoes: Steve Madden || socks: got in JPN || headband: F21

This entire outfits, minus the headband and the socks, is new duds (on sale of course). Sales at Macy’s are always awesome: 50% off + another 50% on top of that! That’s how my mom and I roll.

These pants are the perfect pair of black pants that I’ve been searching for! Just when I least expected it…oh glorious, glorious day. The shirt was just a random pick off the rack to try on with the pants, but I’m a sucker for ruffles.

I remember wanting a band jacket in high school really badly, especially when it was popular in editorials…I wanna say…circa 2005? 2004 even? I remember coveting a  jacket (I think it was Marc Jacobs) that I saw on Hilary Swank: perfectly cuffed sleeves, gold braided details, brass and buttons, the works but not overworked. Like most trends, you forget about them eventually and they become a fad of that season and that season only. But I realized that maybe it’s not really a fad with me but a long lost love. I really love this jacket is what I’m trying to say,  though considering some tailoring on the sides to make it more fitted, but it’s somewhat decent without it. I fidget about these things.

And aren’t these shoes wonderful? The socks soften them, but they do look a bit on the fetish side. They may never live up to the aforementioned Phi resort 09 shoes or let alone John Gallianos SS09, but they’ll certainly do. For $24, hell yeah they’ll do.

Oh and that’s the end of the post series. Whew! Lots of catching up to do still, on the inspirational front. I’ve gotten…5 new pairs of shoes…sigh. Just can’t help myself.

Shirt: DKNY //Capris: French Connection // Shoes: Nike // Leg warmer: Wet Seal

How do you wear sweet sneaks? I feel like they call for long pants/jeans, but that’s not happening in this Texas heat. I dunno about dresses or skirts… I’ll look into this, but suggestions anyone?

I bought these adorable little puppies when I went to the outlet with K-Drama the other day. The shirt is new too, though I originally picked it out for the boyfriend, who rejected it because it was too small and he didn’t like the stripe. My brother, The Tyrant, on the other hand, didn’t like it because it was too big and he’s not into gingham. :( The men in my life just won’t buy into mens fashion. I’ll have to do the honors myself from now on, hmph! I’m planning on taking in the shoulders myself. It’ll be tricky, ’cause I happen to love the lime stripe and don’t want to ruin it’s appearance in the least.

The asymmetric buttoning was inspired by Trovata.

Trovata SS09


Trovata FW09

source: style.com

Tank: Mossimo // Skirt: thrifted // Shoes: Calvin Klein // Bag: Lavorazione // Necklaces [layered top to bottom]: found, F21, Jimmy’z

No I’m not a dancer really, but I’ve always wanted to be. I’ll settle for the appearance for now.

I went shopping with K-Drama when I wore this. I didnt intend for the White Stripes dress code, it just happened. Now you’ve seen 4/4 CK shoes. Love these new flats, but the patent rim gave me a blister that will cripple my shoe choices for a week. Wah.