I'm gonna need more hangers.

so i was in a gray phase, but i think that’s just korea. i made a weekend trip to fukuoka (happy hangul day! and how nose tilting is that comment? bhaha i just like sounding fancy) and come back looking like a japanese middle school girl. i also don’t know what possessed me to make such poor shopping choices again: this cheap shirt, quality is questionable but the hearts oh the hearts; these navajo print thigh high socks which i’m strangely in love with; another pair of scalloped shorts. is it buyers remorse? perhaps. this happened last year too. there has to be a remedy for this itis; i’m just too big a sucker for japanese style period. there were so many precious style moments and creepers are everywhere and everywhere a taunting echo of my loved ones at home. to be fair though, i did spend a lot more on a few necessities and lots of great food, so i shouldn’t feel too bad. the polka dot backpack was entirely intentional. welcome to my life little buddy.

something i must tell you though: i saw the perfect leather jacket. but it was about 1/3 of my monthly salary and i just couldn’t do it. i am boning inside right now for the right time to pounce. january? i think so. oh i’m so sick in the head.

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shoes [emma cook x topshop] :: patrick star [ep. 52]

photos [Miel/me]

thank you jackie and killerspin! they were a wonderful birthday gift.

god i had such a crazy shoe boner yesterday just looking at them. riggalus said they look like i’m curb stomping zebras. fuck yeah.

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eyeliner parrot bay [nars]

ah the perfect minted aqua, in an even better form than the shadow i saw for the limited ed. lady gaga collection at MAC a few months back. it is also the most expensive liner i’ve ever bought and didn’t even bother to check the price tag beforehand. mine mine mine!

i was just about to mourn over letting such a great shade go, about to give up on my search for a replacement (that’s what i get for wavering), but a very wonderful sales girl at sephora made me believe in patience and never letting go again. ah relentless consumerism, you vindicate me.

dress [foley&corinna] :: boots [underground] :: bag [kimchi&blue]

today was one of those impossibly beautiful days. i went to the korean contemporary exhibit with Physics Awesome. he was nice enough to take today’s pictures and i loved every one of them; i had such a hard time narrowing it down. i generally try not to do more than 5 pictures for an outfit post because i myself stop caring after 5 and anymore i feel is overkill. but all of his photos captured moments rather than poses and i really like that. the slightly imperfect blurs, my mid movements, and the lighting…everything!

i bought this dress yesterday at buffalo exchange among other things. it’s actually supposed to be tied like this, but after some fooling around, i came up with this arrangement. there’s more to come, this dress is magnificent like that. it flutters like some sort of ethereal entity…a pixie…or a cuttlefish perhaps.

i actually debated for exactly 1 month before wearing these boots out. they were a love at first stalk sort of thing in the summer, but in real life, they were much different than the rest of my wardrobe, so i spent a lot of time deliberating and trying and going back and forth, thinking it wasn’t going to work out. but today, i just put them on, ran down the stairs, and didn’t look back.

jacket [f21] // shirt [thrifted] // jeans [clef del sol] // shoes [gianni bini]

I finally have a faux leather moto jacket. It found me actually. I was at F21 downtown with Sapo-chan last Friday and just when I thought I’d only be walking away with accessories…it winked at me from atop it’s hanger. I couldn’t believe my luck. You did good Forever 21, you did good.

Saturday was an epic thrifting morning with Gibson girl, totally worth the drive to the less frequented Value Village. I came away with so many beautiful fun things, most sprinkled with sparkling things, like the top above. I actually wore this outfit during the day on Saturday, sequins shine like non other in the daylight. I don’t use this word very often because I feel I often don’t qualify (one must be somewhat refined), but I felt seriously glamourous in this top. As the hot pink days of yester-semester fade into fall, a new era has dawned on my closet-dom: the Gilted age. Despite things going awry, everything’s still shiny.

I should really photograph things more religiously. Last weeks outfits totally went mortalized. This week is getting like that too. I’m just really shy about other ppl watching me do my thing. I’m fine strutting around, but when I’m freezing, its like I’m mega self concious. Granted, I’m sure it’s safe for ppl to assume that I’m a rather narcississtic creature. See I am, but I feel like that is a product of my high self esteem. However, if ppl see me photographing myself, they might get the wrong idea. I’d want to tell them that it’s for my style blog and it’s like people who video tape themselves dancing: it’s documenting my progress and striving for better.

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shoes [steve madden]

Remember when I said I wouldn’t buy anymore shoes after those Lady Dragons? Who guessed that I was lying out of my armpits? Yeah I bought like 2 more pairs. I’m thinking about a 3rd. School needs to seriously start soon. Idle heads make for idle shop lusting.

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shoes: Melissa x Vivienne Westwood

After a bit of a mishap with my first pair being malformed, these finally returned to me. And they’re perfect. My feet were speechless too. I wore them out to UO to check out the sale yesterday and got compliments right off the bat. I told all who would listen about IDLM. Speaking of speechless and what not, Colin of I don’t like Mondays is an absolute sweetheart and gave me an extra discount, which I will be using probably to buy the blue ones.

K-drama and I are having a summer of shoes. He’s binging more than I am, I’m not helping and encouraging, but at least he’s making money. I am not (besides selling my old clothes on eBay, but that’s chump change). I want to stop buying pretty shoes but…I promise PROMISE after these I will stop. Yes. And save up for a pair of boots come fall.

I apologize for not posting lately. I’m just not feeling it. Too tired from tennis, ebay, internship…real life.

jacket: Ralph Lauren || shirt: Elementz || pants: INC || shoes: Steve Madden || socks: got in JPN || headband: F21

This entire outfits, minus the headband and the socks, is new duds (on sale of course). Sales at Macy’s are always awesome: 50% off + another 50% on top of that! That’s how my mom and I roll.

These pants are the perfect pair of black pants that I’ve been searching for! Just when I least expected it…oh glorious, glorious day. The shirt was just a random pick off the rack to try on with the pants, but I’m a sucker for ruffles.

I remember wanting a band jacket in high school really badly, especially when it was popular in editorials…I wanna say…circa 2005? 2004 even? I remember coveting a  jacket (I think it was Marc Jacobs) that I saw on Hilary Swank: perfectly cuffed sleeves, gold braided details, brass and buttons, the works but not overworked. Like most trends, you forget about them eventually and they become a fad of that season and that season only. But I realized that maybe it’s not really a fad with me but a long lost love. I really love this jacket is what I’m trying to say,  though considering some tailoring on the sides to make it more fitted, but it’s somewhat decent without it. I fidget about these things.

And aren’t these shoes wonderful? The socks soften them, but they do look a bit on the fetish side. They may never live up to the aforementioned Phi resort 09 shoes or let alone John Gallianos SS09, but they’ll certainly do. For $24, hell yeah they’ll do.

Oh and that’s the end of the post series. Whew! Lots of catching up to do still, on the inspirational front. I’ve gotten…5 new pairs of shoes…sigh. Just can’t help myself.

Shirt: DKNY //Capris: French Connection // Shoes: Nike // Leg warmer: Wet Seal

How do you wear sweet sneaks? I feel like they call for long pants/jeans, but that’s not happening in this Texas heat. I dunno about dresses or skirts… I’ll look into this, but suggestions anyone?

I bought these adorable little puppies when I went to the outlet with K-Drama the other day. The shirt is new too, though I originally picked it out for the boyfriend, who rejected it because it was too small and he didn’t like the stripe. My brother, The Tyrant, on the other hand, didn’t like it because it was too big and he’s not into gingham. :( The men in my life just won’t buy into mens fashion. I’ll have to do the honors myself from now on, hmph! I’m planning on taking in the shoulders myself. It’ll be tricky, ’cause I happen to love the lime stripe and don’t want to ruin it’s appearance in the least.

The asymmetric buttoning was inspired by Trovata.

Trovata SS09


Trovata FW09

source: style.com

Tank: Mossimo // Skirt: thrifted // Shoes: Calvin Klein // Bag: Lavorazione // Necklaces [layered top to bottom]: found, F21, Jimmy’z

No I’m not a dancer really, but I’ve always wanted to be. I’ll settle for the appearance for now.

I went shopping with K-Drama when I wore this. I didnt intend for the White Stripes dress code, it just happened. Now you’ve seen 4/4 CK shoes. Love these new flats, but the patent rim gave me a blister that will cripple my shoe choices for a week. Wah.