I'm gonna need more hangers.

tao okamoto via picked pics [ginza, oct 2010] :: chanel iman via fashiongonerogue [allure, sept 2010]

GAH MAKES ME WANNA CUT MY HAIR SO BADLY!!! i had a bowl cut as a kid; tao’s Vidal Sassoon 5 point tribute is killing me. no no no no…i must be patient.

also, chanel’s dries van noten pants are so awesome. overly hyped brands can be just that, BUT there is a reason for the ooes and aws. in fact, that entire last outfit is my kind of minimalism, if i have such a thing. the plays on texture, the slim fit, the bondage element. again though, i need some jewelry. I NEED IT.

Dress, H&M // Rings, F21 // Earring, DIY // Bracelet, Jewelry Cafe [NYC]

I love it btw. Love it. I feel like over 9000 times edgier and cooler than ever. I feel like I’ve been wanting this haircut all my life. Hello I love you, wont you tell me your nameeeee.

I had a group interview at Anthropologie yesterday. I hope I made a good impression, I think I rocked the “pick an outfit for someone going somewhere” part. :] I reaallyyyyy wanna work there!!!

Along with the good news spree, I got the internship with Yellow magazine! I dunno what to expect, they run things differently, but I’m thrilled and excited to get started. Commence working ass off to rock their heads off!

Since I’ve got mind on my money, money on my mind, I’ve started thinking about staying at home next semester to save my parents money. My lovely university decided to jack up housing prices by $2000 smackers a semester! Those bastards. Now it’s $8000 a semester. Fuck. And the food will still be sub par, probably even more, digressing into elementary school cafeteria. Ugh! I’m repulsed by this bcuz it’s not like they raised my dad’s salary by 1/3 to compensate. Fuckers. Fuck this shit.

So! It leu of this, that’s what I’m considering. The trade off course, is pretty pricey itself. Gotta think more about this. A Pros and Cons list is due!