I'm gonna need more hangers.

pre fall 2012 [theyskens theory]

i can’t fight it anymore. i’m a thigh-skins girl. sometimes oversubscribing to fashion feeds will make you sick and tired and always wanting. its nice to come back to a few of my favorites now and then and get reminded of the things i’ve always really wanted but never got because i get magpie sidetracked. leather/hot/silver pants are still very much those things. also, now i wanna dye my cowboy boots silver and wear more sheer maxi dresses when i get back to sweet ole texas. yeah, your baby girl is a lil homesick.

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necklace [schwing schwing]

disregarding that stray strand of course, i freakin love my hair like this. if i have time, i’ll do a tutorial. it basically utilizes the same principles as my mohawking technique.

i’ve been wearing this collar for weeks without a word of it’s awesomeness. a gift from the mnmlst (because she just KNOWS me), although i’m again concerned about the quality: there’s a small knob in the back that does all the securing and if it breaks off, i’m totally fucked. and not in the way i want to be. i wonder if those ones from Nelly.com will ship to Korea…

shirt [bdg] :: pants [inc] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: cuffs, worn as anklets [monki] :: hat [f21]

my dad has some really cool friends. we stayed in their house in brussels. this is their backyard. they also have a swimming pool inside the house. wtf.

i don’t think my outfit photographed very interestingly, but it still felt way cool to walk around the airport in silver shackles. i’ve enlisted one of my brother’s to photog my outfits, so the pictures aren’t as perfect as i’d like. also, i feel more sheepish around a new photog. he’s impatient and whiny. sigh, beggars can’t be choosers.

we left for barcelona today (finally caught up on oufits!) and i think you can see how little i packed. hence, the strange simple stuff i’ve been turning out. it just doesn’t make sense to be super fancy when you’re flying. or maybe i just don’t know how else to do it.

dress [saks5thave] :: sweater, worn as scarf [james perse] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: bag [fiorucci] :: cuffs [monki]

i really like belgium. i remember liking it the first time i was here and my feelings are still the same. it’s like france, but without the french ppl. so even better. they speak french AND dutch. *swoons*

i decided torturing myself by trying on expensive things was a good idea, probably in a tribute to belgian designer’s prowess. went to a place called stijl” near the grand palace. it industrial and beautiful. if i ever have a loft, i want it to look like the inside of this store: metal + wood trimmings. with white furniture and ceramics. oh and my mother’s ikebana creations everywhere. but that’s a totally irrelevant dream.

brands tried and true: ann demeulemeester (skirts), haider ackermann (jacket/dress thing), af vandevorst (gown), lutz (especially this brand. deargodwhy), kris van assche (SWEETASSbag)

THEN went to this place called “ogotai,” which had tons of these linen/silk/bamboo cloud nomad dresses. i seriously contemplated dropping 150 e’s for one. but it wasn’t perfect enough. research is really hard, but it was so worth it. i’m renewed with the feeling of creating and i couldn’t sleep. i thought up a line i want to do, or maybe even my label.

belgian waffles RULE. i’m eating one. it’s topped with strawberries and white chocolate icing. ugh, i should look happier!

shirt [secondhand] :: skirt [zara] :: jacket [uo] :: hat [f21] :: bag [fiorucci] :: bracelets [monki]

my first and only purchase so far and i love them SO GOD DAMN MUCH. trying not to overwear them but its so hard; they are exactly the kind of thing i was hoping to stumble upon. and they were only 8 E’s a piece. <3 <3 like a fool.

also, dutch and everything amsterdam are my new favorites. i’m basically doing a lot of design research and just submerging my eyes in as many sources of inspiration as i can. wandered into little stores all over the place, same favorites were “darling” (which is a cupcake AND boutique, dammit all my good ideas are gone), “noodle” and “cowboys2catwalk,” which also has a website. also, fuckin varsity jackets swarm this city. it got to the point where i was mildly annoyed. it’s like a boy you reject, but he keeps popping up in your life like he means something, but you know he’s just life clutter.

new brands to love: oneteaspoon (pretty dresses),  muumau (sick wicked leather jackets), just femme (white things)

as for my curiosity with monki, it ended with mixed reviews. the quality was decent as fast fashion goes, but i’m beginning to think they’re getting by on an enviable concept and a stylist team. i considered getting a dress, but the material was too shiny. also, this skirt. it had a skirt underneath and of course, a high slit. i probably should have, it’s about $37, but i kept thinking i could make it and the color was more teal and troublesome for some reason. i’m getting really picky, which is good, but these non-buyer’s regrets are pesky.

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shirt [shesaidwhat] :: leggings [americanapparel] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: bag [piorucci]

insisted on finding nice’s asian art museum and it was this lovely white swan on an artificial lake. i’m seeing white everywhere and it makes me so happy.

my personal style is a tyrant. my feet in serfdom suffered a lot today and i’m not even going to kid myself. but like a good girl, i do it anyways. i do it because it looks good. oh stupid stupid me.

vogue china [may 2011]

i think i like cut outs best on black dresses. i’ve been buying a lot of black dresses recently, for myself and my friends. what is it about the color, that negative space, that allows you to become the focal point? its a beautiful and fantastic optical invention, but i’m afraid i’m becoming seduced into an absence of color, white included, that could be too safe and thus, could ruin me.

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dress [DIY] :: shoes [ninewest] :: bag [fiorucci] :: bracelet [ebay] :: earrings [secondhand] :: hairband [jcrew]

photos [clnhll]

the dress i made!

it tastes just like i dreamt it would! [spongebob]

harper’s bazaar korea [march 2011]

silver+white = perfect summer uniform. this is a bit for Phebe as well, although I want something that’s more like I’m about to get injected with an IV.

ear cuff [ebay] :: hair tie [jcrew]