I'm gonna need more hangers.

nozomi ishiguro sneaker heels [drop tokyo]

yeah i still want these want these in a nasty, silly way and i don’t care much they expose gaps in my self-prided, so-called “good taste.”

note to self: make more giant tulle/tutu skirts and bleach hair already.

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ebay, fruits tumblr

i am so doing this.

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shoes [nike]

Thank you for the parting gift. I will wear them well.

dress: H&M || shoes: Nike || bracelets: various places

Yes, this summer is really all about sneakers. K-drama’s hooked, it’s rubbing off on me, I’m acting on a once dormant fascination and it is probably going to be VERY BAD for my checking account. Anyways, I wore these yesterday and I can’t get these puppies off my feet.

Tried piling on bracelets again, only 3 tiers this time. Back in the day, it was at least 5 layers of bracelets. I was aiming for close to the elbows. It works better in the winter, but I forgot how powerful it felt to have gauntlets on.

I was a bit inspired to wear this dress with the sneaks by JCDC:

photos from tfs

Or maybe just Tao Okamoto. Yeah probably XD. Regardless, it was one of the only graphic/print-y dresses I own. Also, trying to find socks I own without holes in the heels is a no-go. Boo -_- What else looks good with trainers besides pants? Invesitigation continues…

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I’m really digging Kanye West’s collab with LV.

photos from Racked: NYC

Those tassles, the thick velcro straps, the highlighting punches, damn they’re a handsome bunch. Maybe it’ll only appeal to a pretty faced sneaker collector (I’ve heard some trash talk from the Nike crowd who prefer something more legit and say these are all looks and no game), but that’s just my type of thing. They say they’ll be out “late 2009.” Well done Mr. West!

Shirt: DKNY //Capris: French Connection // Shoes: Nike // Leg warmer: Wet Seal

How do you wear sweet sneaks? I feel like they call for long pants/jeans, but that’s not happening in this Texas heat. I dunno about dresses or skirts… I’ll look into this, but suggestions anyone?

I bought these adorable little puppies when I went to the outlet with K-Drama the other day. The shirt is new too, though I originally picked it out for the boyfriend, who rejected it because it was too small and he didn’t like the stripe. My brother, The Tyrant, on the other hand, didn’t like it because it was too big and he’s not into gingham. :( The men in my life just won’t buy into mens fashion. I’ll have to do the honors myself from now on, hmph! I’m planning on taking in the shoulders myself. It’ll be tricky, ’cause I happen to love the lime stripe and don’t want to ruin it’s appearance in the least.

The asymmetric buttoning was inspired by Trovata.

Trovata SS09


Trovata FW09

source: style.com