I'm gonna need more hangers.

shirt [DIY thrifted] :: dress [vintage saks] :: tutu (worn as slip) [japan] :: boots [vintage candies]

so today, i wore this and totally felt like this:

ann demuelemeester [ss2009]

and it felt AWESOME.  i don’t mind that mine is a diluted version, though someday i’ll make you, you beautiful bustle-y thing you. i can’t believe i figured out another way to wear that dress i thought i had gotten so sick of. happyhappyhappy :D

first i have to apologize for the inconsistent lighting/editing, i was rushing to get this done and started at funny times. anyway this post is about how to turn a shirt sleeveless like a pro. well, sort of.

ANYWAYS, so i had added the straps that you see underneath and altered the shoulders to fit me a long time ago, but i decided i needed more sleeveless shirts for the summer. it feels weird to undo your own handiwork, but i’m pretty ruthless with a seam ripper. just do it. don’t even think.

step 1: undo seams

do a little under the armpit so the new hem folds over.

step 2: refit shoulders

try it on inside out and pin where you want it. keep doing this until its perfect. i find that you might need to cut off bits to create concave curves inwards, instead of just a straight cut. see for yourself.

step 3: notch the curves

this makes it easier for the hem to curve along the shirt. we’re going to fold the hem over twice to hide the raw edges, so make the notch a little less than halfway.

step 4: fold new hem and sew

sew somewhere 2/3 or 3/4’s away from the edge (towards the shirt) so that it catches the folded under part and traps it inside. otherwise, it’ll escape and that’s not good. this is gonna look so pretty you’ll come all over yourself. i do every time. true story.

told you.