I'm gonna need more hangers.

UGH. that was such a shitty, long trip. yes yes, it’s my fault for packing too much. but oh! the things i’ll wearrrrr.

it’s been a year. here are 5 things living in korea has highlighted:

1) i like subtlety in impact, glamour and opulence slightly restrained. head-to-toe color. pattern mixing. earrings only. one focal point is enough. sometimes, you are enough.

2) i understand comfort and casual now. working a (semi) real job, experiencing real world stress, i learned to say “fuck it.”

3) i’ve gained 10 lbs. and i’m starting to get the hang of “sexy.”

4) i love americana and texanism. aesthetics, values, small talk. i’m really proud of where i came from, not where and what people perceive me to be constructed of.

5) i learned how to listen. to really listen. what has been wasted on my lazy english ears? what have i missed or dismissed?

that’s not everything and there’s no way i could do it justice in words. and i have so many! but you know, i’m really happy. i wonder if any of these things going on in my hyper-active mind managed to manifest in pictures as of late, but i feel it. i really do.

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general packing rules:

1) heavy/bulky things (gifts, laptops) in the middle, shoes in the corners (at opposite ends of the luggage)

2) clothes rolled, placed in layers

3) underwear rolled/folded into crevics, like inside shoes or as cushioned between harder objects (same for electronics)

4) nestle flat objects (books, laptops again) between layers of clothes

5) wrap up liquids in extra bags and ziplocks, store like underwear/electronics

6) fold jackets/sweaters in half or just lay flat as layer dividers/close to the top

7) discard as many tags/unnecessary packaging as possible (soooo hard with gifts)


however, i do find that my tactics always change slightly depending on the shape of the luggage. more on this later.

shirt, skirt [thrifted] :: bag [ferragamo]

last day in the states. i noticed that i gravitate towards more simple/casual silhouettes lately, probably because it’s easier to patternize with.

shirt, pants [jcrew] :: belt [express] :: shoes [ninewest] :: bag [chanel]

who deserves expensive bags at my age? this is my mother’s, i helped her pick it out a few years ago because she had wanted something classic but unexpected. you never see the backs of these kinds of bags on blogs.

sirene 2012 lookbook [wildfox couture]

nothing, and i mean nothing, will ever stop me from loving this sweet, sweet saturation.

tank [zara] :: shorts [tommy hilfiger] :: socks [asos] :: bag [pandorama] :: shoes [underground uk]

dress [dkny] :: shoes [jil sander] :: bag [reiss]

i won’t lie, it’s hard to be fashion-y in this heat. it was 106 the other day in houston. wah. and yes it was too hot for the socks but i’m a really practical person. bahhaha.

i’ve been dressing punk-easy and working on a lot of DIYs to fill up time while i await job possibilities. you would think the first outfit is nondescript, but going grocery shopping, not so incognito. oh the burbs.

wore the second look to go out with some friends downtown. i won’t lie, i really enjoy feeling sexy when i step out, possibly because i dont really think my body is made for such a word, so i like to approach the term more these days in a classy and adult, and sometimes conceptual fashion. still trying to work out what that means in relation to my current wardrobe, but generally, it comes with a sense of subtlety. i know the high slit probably doesn’t scream subtle, but  its trickier to pull off  or notice at a first glance than a typical bodycon piece. and on the form of a shapeless tank dress, therein lies the subtlety and i like when my clothes make other people do a double-take. it makes sense in my head. on another note, being stuck at home, my new and nice things–shoes, bag–are desperate for wear air and i am so so desperate for girl talk.

shirt [bdg] :: pants [inc] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: cuffs, worn as anklets [monki] :: hat [f21]

my dad has some really cool friends. we stayed in their house in brussels. this is their backyard. they also have a swimming pool inside the house. wtf.

i don’t think my outfit photographed very interestingly, but it still felt way cool to walk around the airport in silver shackles. i’ve enlisted one of my brother’s to photog my outfits, so the pictures aren’t as perfect as i’d like. also, i feel more sheepish around a new photog. he’s impatient and whiny. sigh, beggars can’t be choosers.

we left for barcelona today (finally caught up on oufits!) and i think you can see how little i packed. hence, the strange simple stuff i’ve been turning out. it just doesn’t make sense to be super fancy when you’re flying. or maybe i just don’t know how else to do it.

dress [saks5thave] :: sweater, worn as scarf [james perse] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchkovitch] :: bag [fiorucci] :: cuffs [monki]

i really like belgium. i remember liking it the first time i was here and my feelings are still the same. it’s like france, but without the french ppl. so even better. they speak french AND dutch. *swoons*

i decided torturing myself by trying on expensive things was a good idea, probably in a tribute to belgian designer’s prowess. went to a place called stijl” near the grand palace. it industrial and beautiful. if i ever have a loft, i want it to look like the inside of this store: metal + wood trimmings. with white furniture and ceramics. oh and my mother’s ikebana creations everywhere. but that’s a totally irrelevant dream.

brands tried and true: ann demeulemeester (skirts), haider ackermann (jacket/dress thing), af vandevorst (gown), lutz (especially this brand. deargodwhy), kris van assche (SWEETASSbag)

THEN went to this place called “ogotai,” which had tons of these linen/silk/bamboo cloud nomad dresses. i seriously contemplated dropping 150 e’s for one. but it wasn’t perfect enough. research is really hard, but it was so worth it. i’m renewed with the feeling of creating and i couldn’t sleep. i thought up a line i want to do, or maybe even my label.

belgian waffles RULE. i’m eating one. it’s topped with strawberries and white chocolate icing. ugh, i should look happier!

dress [saks5thave] :: shoes [melissa x alexandre herchcovitch] :: hat [f21] :: bracelet [unknown]

i left for France in this outfit; a new dress, a new pair of shoes, a fresh look for a fresh start. graduation was really hard on me; i had to say good bye so many times, i got sick of the words and i never want to say them again. sometimes i was hysterical and i was convulsing tears in a violent aftershock, but there really wasn’t much time to grieve because i had to pack like crazy cakes for this trip with my family the next day.

anyway, a plane ride outfit should be several things, though cute and comfortable are probably top criteria. i’m super anti-jeans+tshirt, so i’m still experimenting to find the perfect combination, but my trials have led me to a few results:

1) never EVER wear jeans. they chafe. they make you feel fat. they suck. dresses with a long skirt are excellent because they’re boundless with fabric, but a knit trouser is good too.

2) bring a sweater that doubles as a blanket. check.

3) shoes must be easy to walk in, but also make you feel adorable. i’m only slightly nervous about the blister factor in these, but fuck it. i’m wearing them in small amounts as a precaution.

anyway, the trip is well underway and i’m already behind on posts. what else is new.

harper’s bazaar korea [march 2011]

silver+white = perfect summer uniform. this is a bit for Phebe as well, although I want something that’s more like I’m about to get injected with an IV.