I'm gonna need more hangers.

jacket [busan] :: tees [elves, now fashion] :: hat [DIY]

shopping notes:

i can’t go to thailand for long winded reasons, so i just decided to endure the 8 hr round trip to busan and buy this jacket. it is by far the most expensive thing i own and i feel pretty proud for spending/saving for it without any parental aide whatsoever.

i usually have a problem buying tshirts cuz they’re so basic (i have a problem buying basics in general), but these were just too charming to pass up. the length obeys the no-pants rule perfectly too.

i’ve also been knitting! made this hat for a friend. i modified this pattern to suit the chunky yarn. i dont really wear hats myself but i love the way they look so much on other ppl.

btw, my food/korean life tumblr is still alive and well. i’m a lot better about updating it, which seems to be the common cold with other bloggers.

right down [“this is why i’m hot”, boudoir girl, “somewhere along the way, we lost our heads”, trompe l’oeil blouse]

middle down [sumo run, sweet love cake, lot8 8th anniversary, little monsters]

left down [“this rocks…yeah i hate voting”, “captain awesome and the wonder friends”, “little ninjas”, black/rust gold bottom]

only a few more days on my ebay listings! if you happen to spend more than $20 on winnings, i’ll give you a free graphic tee of your choice. :D they’re all about XS/S size, so let me know if you win!