I'm gonna need more hangers.

tights [gunsan]

this was taken in early dec, yeah i’m way behind, i know.

why is it that i have a nice camera and i neglect to use it these days? or rather, i neglect to share what i’ve captured? do i just like to have nice things? this is why i shouldn’t have nice things.

meet capucine’s back. at least, she’s capucine when she’s 6 shots in. that was such a lovely girls night of pretending to be someone i’m not.

Hole – Samantha (Music Video) from MORGUEzine on Vimeo.

mother and daughter

i don’t usually do too many video posts or mv posts and i don’t know why. hrm. anyways, is it possible that a woman can sound and look even more beautiful than ever? there’s a punk post riot girl in me that wishes she was impervious to bullshit and fear and getting old, but i don’t think i can ever outrun those things like CL or get a tattoo. i would love one on the inside of my upper arm. wouldn’t it be cool to be a business woman with a history someday?

pc: francis [hedislimane]